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With no charger or expandable storage, the Galaxy S21 is extra just like the iPhone 12 in a few of the worst methods

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With no charger or expandable storage, the Galaxy S21 is extra just like the iPhone 12 in a few of the worst methods

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  1. No SD card and they’re killing off MST, so the phone is less effective as a wallet replacement. And they don’t even have the excuse used for killing off the headphone jack (lack of space in the phone); if you have a SIM slot, you can have an SD card. If your phone has a magnometer, it can use Magnetic Strip Emulation.

    The S21 has both, and yet it killed both off and in return you got…. the same generic list of improvements that happen every year and don′t change the way you use your phone whatsoever.

  2. Well, if Samsung is going to stick with the script then they should remove chargers from *all* devices they sell from here on out — that’ll make an environmental impact.

    We know they won’t because someone somewhere will be cross-shopping one of Samsung’s smartphones with a competitor’s and pick the one that comes with a charger in the box.

    Maybe more countries should force OEMs to bundle chargers like the EU has before this becomes a thing.

  3. I like Samsung phones because they can do what iPhones can’t. If they’re only do what iPhones do, i might as well just buy an iPhone.

  4. Went from S4 -> S6 -> S8 > S10 (current)

    I will not be buying another galaxy phone again. What brands still have microSD card slots?

  5. I know it’s fun to hate on these phones but my mom is old and I’ve been looking for a reason to get her a newer phone for cheap. She has an old S9 base, and TMobile is running a promotion where they’ll give her $800 to trade in her old phone towards the S21.

    Guess how much the S21 is…$800 so the phone is free. No need to add a new line or anything, so this weekend I’m gonna trade in her old S9 for a S21 for free. Not too bad for her. She doesn’t care about the expandable storage (she never used it on her S9). She just wants a new phone. And we all know nobody would give $800 for her S9

  6. Ugly design, no SD storage or charger, removed the jack…

    I want to buy a samsung phone because I’d love to go back to android, and really like oneUI, but they’re giving me zero reasons to do so.

  7. I came back to samsung for the s10e, but looks like my next phone (which won’t be for at least 2 more years) will be with another company.

  8. I hate the no charger-hated it when Apple did it, hate it now. That being said at least Samsung is charging less for the phones.

  9. SD card, headphone jack, and replaceable battery was the reason I bought Samsung in the first place.

    The ancient Galaxy (original).

    Current Note lost one of those. All 3? Hah! Fuck that.

  10. It’s stupid to do this because people are going to by buying chargers that could be risky on the internet just because they aren’t given one in the box.

  11. They tried the fixed storage with the S6 and switched back at S7.. why are they trying the same failed thing. Do they believe that people at some point will just ‘go with it?!’

  12. well s21 is just an update/downgrade to the s20 nothing special…. cheap s20 i would say 😀
    Dislplay: Fhd s21 / wqhd s20
    sdcard slot: s21 no / s20 yes
    back: 21/+ Plastic / s20 /21 ultra, Glas
    Camera: s21+ removed tof lens
    only upgrade is the s21 ultra i guess
    EDIT: s21 has no charger, headphones in the box

  13. I’d like Samsung to release copy of galaxy s10+ with smaller front facing camera, and improved main camera module and 5g…. that’s really all they should have done with s21

  14. So, future phones will have LESS features than my Samsung Galaxy S10+ phone.

    I just hope my phone can last for a long time.

  15. The S10+ was such an amazing phone, I’m still using it. Haven’t really considered upgrading it much because the new galaxy phones seem to be lacking a lot of the features I like such as headphone jack, SD slot, MST, etc.

  16. You know, if android OEMs are so hellbent on making their phone’s experience just like an iPhone, i may as well just buy an iPhone and call it a day, i mean, if we are losing these features what’s the point of buying android phones?

  17. I was already mad when they ditched the removable batteries now tuns of companies are removing- sd card slots, aux, and USB cords..

    Good grief Thanks apple i hate you.


  18. How about samsung stops copying the shitty stuff and start copying some of the good things. Get rid of the stupid curved screen that literally serves no purpose. Start focusing on user privacy

  19. Samsung is dangerously close to blowing it like they did with the Note 5 and S6.

    The Galaxy Note 20U is meh. It’s battery is subpar. The phone is top heavy because the camera bump is ridiculous. I’ll never buy another camera bump phone. Just fill the extra space with battery and up the battery capacity. They reduced storage from 256gb to 128gb which is not nearly enough storage in 2020.

    If Samsung decides to get rid of expandable storage and/or further handicaps the Note/S series there’s not much reason not to get an iPhone.

    Android is a constant beta. Android Auto flat out barely functions.

  20. Planned to get the S21 until no removable storage was confirmed. Saving data (photos, videos, and contacts) to removable storage is a huge deal if your dies and can’t be brought back.

  21. I bought the S9+ when it first came out and am only looking to replace its battery at this point, since it’s now lasting about 12 hours without any user interaction. But, that’s the only issue I have with this otherwise incredibly solid and capable phone.

    The S21 just doesn’t pull me in – I have a backup iPhone and one of our family members only use Apple devices, plus I tend to help configure their phones for my friends+relatives, so am impressed with the hardware but I can’t stand their operating system for personal use.

    Our Pixel 3XL was an impressive upgrade to the prior Pixel XL we had for years and that line is looking more like what I need: large-enough models for my older eyes, with good speed+battery and more years of OS version upgrades. I don’t need or want glass-backed everything, because I put an Otterbox case on any phone I use.

  22. Samsung has been trying for years to be the “iPhone” of Android. This year I feel that they finally succeeded. No charger inbox, removal of memory cards is the final straw. They already got rid of the headphone jack and removable batteries. We let them become the most popular Android manufacturer. I feel the spirit of Android is letting us have everything we want in one device. If we continue to purchase from Samsung all other manufacturers will follow suit and eventually every phone will be the same. So for the first time in 5 years I’m not buying Samsung. At this rate I feel like Samsung will stop using Android entirely in the next five years and create their own “iOS”. The world has already become “what phone do you have Samsung or iPhone”. The loss of Android is next.

  23. I’m just here to say my LG V60 has a SD slot, quad dac headphone jack, huge battery, decent camera with a wide angle lense, snapdragon 865 and 8gb ram.


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