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We must always speak about this as a result of it’s been months and we nonetheless didn’t get any repair. Please do the take a look at you probably have an iPhone 12 sequence.

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We must always speak about this as a result of it’s been months and we nonetheless didn’t get any repair. Please do the take a look at you probably have an iPhone 12 sequence.

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  1. Talking to another redditor it may have to do with where the particular iPhones was manufactured and a few batches of phones could have been affected. The person said his first iPhone had the issue and his replacement 12 Pro was fine both made on different dates and factories. I’ve tried every test on my launch day 12 Pro and it’s been flawless.

  2. I’m fairly certain that it is a software issue, even if it doesn’t affect everybody. From what I’ve seen, even some replacements are a hit or miss. For me personally, I have the issue, and have noticed that anytime something on the screen is moving/changing, then I see the glow. When things are still, then after a moment, it displays pure black. For that reason, I don’t think there’s anything physically wrong with the screen, since it *can* display pure blacks.

  3. Just got off with support last night, head supervisor had no idea what I was talking about and said why do I care for a minor annoyance? Apple seriously needs to get their shit together and either release a statement regarding this issue or a software update if it isn’t hardware related. it’s been a month since 9to5Mac reported on this.

  4. I don’t know if I tested this correctly, but I just previewed the all black iOS wallpaper to try and the blacks seem to be fine?
    I’m not sure what I’m supposed to look at to know whether this is an issue or not.

  5. I bought a graphite iPhone 12 Pro Max on launch day which had the issue. Just today I returned it and exchanged it for a silver one. It’s not a replacement unit, completely new and sealed from the Apple Store.
    And yes, 2 months later sadly it has the same issue. Seems at least they didn’t address it by a hardware change. Kind of hopeful for a software fix.

  6. I downloaded a black image off Google and looked at it in the photos app. No problem here on my 12 Pro Max, but I did have a little bit of this issue on my XS Max

  7. Got this issue on my 12 Pro. Pretty annoying considering that true blacks are kind of OLEDs “thing”.

    Apple support just told me that Apple is aware of the issue and that I should keep my phone up to date.

  8. Just my two cents, family and friends (roughly 12 iPhones purchased at different times, different places, etc) all do not have this issue. Maybe some tough batches out there. But I’m sure people have this issue, but I would think that most do no.

  9. Have the same problem on my 12 Pro bought in Czechia. Was on a phone with Apple support technician and she told me that Apple is aware of it and that it should be fixed in the next software update. And if that doesn’t help, she told me to visit an authorized service provider and get them to look at it.

  10. This screen issue seriously needs to be brought up. We need to start putting it out there and people need to talk about it.

    Apple will probably sleep over it i am afraid as there has been no statement since they acknowledged the issue. I spent about $800 for getting stuck with this screen. I can clearly feel the difference in screen compared to iphoneX i used previously.

  11. I tested on black screen color, it does show slight greeny gray color on medium brightness. but for some reason, after couple sec it switched to true black. at first I thought because screen detect inactivity. I tested again black color with single white dot. it started with not-really black then couple seconds later, it become true black with single white dots… I think this is is software issue.


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