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The open sign report claims iPhone 12 is slower than nearly each Android cellphone in 5G/4G pace exams

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The open sign report claims iPhone 12 is slower than nearly each Android cellphone in 5G/4G pace exams

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  1. At the end of the day, most of us are not benchmarking the whole time, so I don’t have a big problem with it. I have never seen an issue with 4G and I don’t own an iPhone 12 so I can’t say about 5G, but since implementation is not even close to being comparable to 4G networks, I won’t care for some time.

  2. So yes I will agree, not great but also there are so many variables into providing these metrics that its almost impossible to repeat.

    As a former cellular modem engineer that had access to a full test bench with a R&S CMW500 with LTE-A and MIMO (I did not have any access to the iphone 12 modem so no direct experience) I can nearly guarantee that under ideal conditions this phone would also max out with the full available bandwidth given the possibility.

    I had experience with previous modems that some people have interacted with and lets see on a 600mbps link, those modems would get 600mbps, given allocated time/frequencies from the carrier. Under real world scenarios this would not be the case but would rather get fractional bandwidth allocations and time slots, which are ever changing. That along with channel metrics (especially in MIMO applications) short of putting it in an anechoic chamber that is also impossible to control. You ever pull up to a stop light and the radio gets fuzzy, move 1ft forward and its clean again? – basic example of channel metrics


    TLDR: most phones (at least the ones I have worked on) are capable at a HW level to achieve full rate speeds for their given network connectivity (LTE, LTE-A, 5G, etc…) but in real world applications EVERYTHING comes into play. Take a step to your left your channel metrics change(your literal path between tx and rx), another person joins the network on a video call, etc…all of this stuff comes into account.

    If you NEED the fastest connection maybe the iphone isn’t for you but if you don’t, I’m 99.99% its fine.

  3. The mental gymnastics that y’all do to defend a trillion dollar company in this sub is crazy sometimes. I’ve seen multiple comments saying “spyware this, privacy that” like how is this even relevant? Yes the the Qualcomm x55 isn’t the best of 5G modems and hopefully the iPhone 13/12S series use the x60 modem for efficiency and maybe speed improvement gains. Each phone and OS has advantages and disadvantages. Y’all act like Tim Cook is paying your rent or something

  4. I’m wondering if this has anything to do with the fact that iPhone are running with auto 5G data which will default to LTE if the iPhone “feels” it doesn’t need anything faster.

    How does the iPhone manage this setting automatically when doing a Speedtest with Opensignal’s app?

  5. In a phone, I don’t think most people care. I have a 12 pro and it’s snappy when I’m on the road and need to google or run apps or whatever.

    The only time benchmarking is relevant IMO is for a laptop or computer.

  6. I’m an iPhone 12 user but never enabled 5G. What do I need those extra speed for? Watch memes 2% faster? The bottleneck no longer is your mobile data when regular 4G achieves over 300mbps

  7. A report of iPhone doing something better than android: THANK GOD I HAVE AN IPHONE SUCK ON THAT ANDROID

    A report of iPhone doing something worse than android: I couldn’t care less at least they are not *spying* on me and *killing* my family

  8. I am highly disappointed w/ my iPhone 12’s 5G speeds! If I had known what speeds I was going to get I would not have changed my phone plan.

  9. If I can stream 1080p YouTube videos without buffering, I don’t care. My phone(Pixel 4a5G) isn’t even on the list but it performs fine for me 👍

    Like the top comment said, too many variables to use this report like law. iPhone performance is fine.

  10. Sounds like the same metrics like who has the fastest CPU, yet in a real world use case very few people are going to be able to tell the difference.

  11. Yeah I get like 5mbps on Verizon LTE, ~10 on 5G with rare exceptions, so I think the bottle neck isn’t my phone 😂

  12. I’m curious why. Is the radio being hobbled to protect battery life perhaps?

    I have to believe the engineers had some inkling about the 5G performance.

  13. Are these being compared in the same areas? Because otherwise it might just suggest that more iPhone owners live, work, or spend time in big cities where network congestion results in slower performance.

    Also, how’s the battery life on those Android phones compared to the iPhone? Perhaps Android makers crank up the gain on their cellular modems while Apple places a higher priority on battery life.

  14. LOL I disabled 4g and just stick to 3G let alone 5…Who tf can afford to burn through their entire quota in 2 seconds.

  15. The 4G speed I can reach in my town is around 400Mbps. I live in Europe and using an Iphone SE2020. Speed is pretty decent and I am using my phone as a backup 4G connection modem for my computer, when working from home.


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