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The iPhone 12 Professional Max is difficult to make use of with one hand due to iOS, not display dimension

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The iPhone 12 Professional Max is difficult to make use of with one hand due to iOS, not display dimension

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  1. I think I remember seeing this same article on here before but **YES,** iOS seriously needs to take cues from Samsung and make it much more one-handed friendly.

    No one should need to put filler on the top of the home screen just so they can have their apps closer to the bottom. Also add an option to swipe down *anywhere from the home screen to access the control center or notification shade.

  2. This is true to an extent as Apple hasn’t stepped out of their comfort zone in terms of Software. The same software design continues to be implemented throughout every different iPhone design. Originally iOS was created to work with a small frame iPhone design up until things changed with the release of the iPhone 6 Plus. With a bigger smartphone form factor Apple stuck with the same software design and continues to do so with phones like the iPhone 12 Pro Max. Why do you think Jailbreaking exists? Because other people are willing to change what Apple is not willing to implement for the user and what we look for in a smartphone. Users want multitasking features, we want to be able to run two apps at the same time, being able to change app icons, have a better app drawer, always on display.


    I am an iPhone user and have an iPhone 12, but occasionally switch to Android as I can use a bigger phone without having to sacrifice going for the less premium smartphone at the time. With iPhone I can’t go with the iPhone 12 Pro Max because it is too hard to handle with one hand because of iOS. Now with Android I wouldn’t have to go for a Samsung s21 because I feel comfortable using a Galaxy s21 Ultra since the software allows me to.

  3. Yeah, gesture based Reachability is ass with my 11 compared to the double-tap-homebutton of my 7+.

    That said I do marginally prefer the Control Center of my 11 over the 7+.

  4. I think I’m the only person on earth who doesn’t use a smartphone with one hand.

    it’s always been easier for me with two hands, even with smartphones from 10 years ago.

  5. I’ve just switched from Android to iOS and it’s been a nightmare because of all these reasons, especially the lack of a consistent “go back” command so I keep getting stuck in apps – like walking into a room and the door disappearing behind me, endlessly. THE ONLY CONSISTENT “GO BACK” BUTTON IS OPPOSITE THE CORNER WHERE MY THUMB IS.

  6. It’s why I returned the pro max for a pro. First iPhone ever coming from android. Pro max is big and I like big phones for media consumption but trying to use iOS didn’t feel natural. The fact that everything was focused top down made it hard to one hand. My s10 plus was easy to navigate one handed due to everything being on the bottom side.

    12 pro feels nice cause I can one hand it but I do miss having a bigger screen for movies and such

  7. No doubt some good points here. But I found the pull down notifications video funny since you might be able to swipe it down easier on android, once it’s down you still have to maneuver to tap the content/icons/buttons near/at the top.

  8. Honestly the Iphone 12 pro max should have IpasOS installed, allowing sideways usage throughout also in the home screen!

  9. Looking at the 12 mini and 12 Pro Max, the pro max is just an enlarged version of the 12 Mini, Apple Software team didn’t make use of the much larger screen at all.

  10. I know Samsung is the evil on this sub and everything they do is bad but they did an amazing job with one UI to bring everything down to your thumb for rest of use.

  11. This article laid out a lot of the same sentiments I’ve had for a while.

    I think everyone with regular to smaller sized hands have all done the dangerous one handed wriggling balancing act to reach the top right corner to pull down Control Center.

    At least with iOS 14.3 you can now trigger Control Center with double or triple back taps. It’s been really useful for me.

    Reachability is usable, but like the author, I’ve run into the frustrating case of it disappearing after a single action. A lot of times I need to reach the top half of the screen for more than one use.

    I used to think Samsung’s one handed mini screen feature was a bit gimmicky, but now that I’m thinking about it, it does seem genuinely useful.

    Also, like the author, I found the 12’s return to flat edge design less comfortable in my hand and harder to hold.

    For whatever reason, the 12 Pro felt a lot larger and more uncomfortable compared to my XS.

  12. In relation to screen size and reaching for the top to get notification/control panel, iPhone has it’s own work around for this. Assistive Touch. It doesn’t seem very common on North American markets but where I am a lot of people use it. Only problem is there’s a giant white dot on the side of the screen. You can choose where to place it and it’s opacity, but it’s till there.

  13. I bought the SE – it has a newer chip in it which puts it on par with the phone it replaced – the IPhone 7, but is the same size. I noticed the weight difference in the SE – how much heavier are these bricks going to get?

  14. On Android, I can swipe down from any part of the Home screen to access Notifications and Control Center.

    On iPhone, if I swipe down from any part of the Home screen I get… search. I **never** use this search.

    On Android I use a few apps, and I place them at the bottom of the screen, where I can easily reach them.

    On iPhone I also use a few apps, which are… hard-coded to stay at the top of the screen.

    On Android I have a Back button at the bottom of the Home screen. I can easily go back from any app’s screen or switch back to any app from another.

    On iOS it adds a back button at the *very top* of the screen.

    Besides some of the Home screen interactions, I also prefer the Clock/Alarms on Android.

  15. That’s pretty true android OEMs like Samsung have particularly developed software like one ui for one handed operation. 12pro max is no doubt a beast of a phone but building big phones is certainly not apples expertise

  16. You have to get used to it but if you hold the keyboard button that looks like an emoji you can shrink the keyboard to one side. Although they have the keyboard option nothing else has it and that kinda sucks.

  17. I agree iOS is not nearly optimized enough for the 12 Pro Max but anything else feels like a step backwards imo. Even poorly optimized for its size software wise I still would choose this phone 10 times out of 10 because of everything else you get.

  18. I get this is an issue if you really need to use your phone with one hand. However, if you don’t, it’s not a consideration in the slightest…

  19. You mean like the shortcut where you scroll down at the very bottom off the screen and it brings the top of the screen halfway down the display? Same as the gentle double swish of the old home button? Reachability mode, if you haven’t already enabled it

  20. Reachability sucks since the X

    I used it every 2 seconds on my 6S because it was an easy double tap

    The current pull-down gesture is bullshit. Excuse the language. You can’t invoke it without pressing whatever button is in that location in the OS. What were they thinking? They might as well remove it as it doesn’t work 80% of the time

  21. I don’t know about you but if I want one hand usage I don’t buy the phones with the biggest form factor and screens. Seems like common sense.

  22. Software is everything now. Some things Apple does better, while other things Samsung does better. Whatever Apple sucks at, they should just steal from Samsung and vice versa. I don’t care who came up with the idea, one is better than the other and I want it. Accommodating one-handed use on large phones is something Samsung does better now, so Apple needs to either copy it or do even better. Sticking with top-justified icons only, because…. reasons? Whotf cares, let me put my icons where ever the fuck I want.


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