HomeUncategorizedThe iPhone 12 largely tops gross sales in Japan in 2020

The iPhone 12 largely tops gross sales in Japan in 2020

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The iPhone 12 largely tops gross sales in Japan in 2020

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  1. iPhone is very popular in Japan actually due to the possibility to pay metro/train with the pre installed app that it comes with the iPhone there.

    Source: Japanese friend of mine

  2. I used to assume that Sony was the number one smartphone brand in Japan. They make good high end and mid range phones, and they are a domestic brand over there. Then again, the iPhone is an iconic brand, and Apple did popularise the use of smartphones in lieu of personal computers, which matters a lot to a densely populated country where living space is expensive. Android didn’t become on par with iOS until around 2012, and by that time, the iPhone was already popular in developed countries.

  3. I have the 6S now had since 2016- and I am thinking of finally upgrading to the iPhone 12 purple. Not sure if I should wait until the iPhone 13 comes out?

  4. I don’t know anything about Japan but as a person who has the only 12 (mini) within my orbit of people, who all have iPhones, I can tell ya,.. people think it’s fantastic.

    I just love this phone. This is the first iPhone since the 5C that I can operate one handed. The first that I can reach the drop down menus and the first to allow me to get rid of that godforsaken pop-socket. I also live in a small vcoastal town in Southern California and I’ve yet to not have 5G coverage.

  5. You can thank the ability of having a huge app market that is super friendly to japanese app makers and also the value behind the phone

  6. I was honestly surprised to see that iPhones are so popular in Japan, would have thought it was sony or something

  7. Many buy from Japan bcoz of low taxes..
    In India taxes are really high so devices from other countries are cheaper this helps in increase of their sales as well

  8. Most Japanese people don’t even know what Samsung is, they market their phones as just Galaxy S21, and they replaced the Samsung logo on the back of their with Galaxy for some reason (maybe because of Korean rivalry? Idk)


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