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The iPhone 12 is already driving 5G adoption within the US

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The iPhone 12 is already driving 5G adoption within the US

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  1. Just chiming in I’m on verizon network, but it’s visible and was straight talk on an iphone 6s and android a few phones. Between iphone and android on visible 4g was 4-6Mbs download at 90dbm on sn20u and moto pro stylus. “5g” I’ve hit 65Mbs @80dbm right under a strip of towers on a highway and a steady 4-5 Mbs @100dbm over hotspot on Android note 20 ultra @home.

  2. The 12 Pro Max is the top selling 5G smartphone, according to this article. Better than the iPhone 12 Pro. Better than the iPhone 12. Better than the iPhone 12 mini. I don’t understand why Reddit is convinced big phones aren’t what a large group of people want.

    Plus phones and Max phones have been very popular for years and Apple went ahead and made them bigger. That’s what the people want and are willing to pay for.

  3. I sold phones for a living full time untill… well *today*. The only thing most people really care about is whether their Non-5g phone will continue to work into the future…

    to which the answer is always ‘yep’ and people dont care. Weirdly, for our stores, iphone 12 pro was by far the most popular. It’s not even a display unit in about half of the stores.

    Our carrier-interest-free plans have 5g as an additional option… that they’ve never charged for but plan to charge for (in july last year… but still havent) and almost noone agrees to activate it.

  4. The US can’t even get reliable 4G lmao

    Make no mistake 5G for iPhone was made for China not America

    They’ve left us in the dust


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