Home Uncategorized The “i simply bought and iPhone 12” starter pack

The “i simply bought and iPhone 12” starter pack

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The “i simply bought and iPhone 12” starter pack

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  1. me: i really like the ios layou-


  2. yawn, lets do mac vs pc vs coke vs pepsi vs ford vs chevy vs nikon vs canon vs shark vs bear vs star trek vs star wars while we’re at it.

  3. What’s the point of paying for the new I phone every year anyway? Why are we paying out the ass for sharper pictures and faster speeds? I still have my 8 and it works fine

  4. ‘don’t need most of the features’ should say ‘doesn’t know any of the features’. Apple users don’t even know what refresh rate is lol.

  5. “Android cameras are so BAD!!!” *Never manages to check new camera specs for Android phones and goes off the Galaxy S3 Mini instead*

  6. > might not even use 5g

    Like if I do anything using cellular data, it’s probably gonna be 5g, right? I don’t need to be torrenting movies through my cell phone to justify it, dafuk

  7. “Balls deep in apple ecosystem”

    yup, that’s me. Too many apple devices plus my gf and family, switching out would be a pain

  8. I’m typing this from my iPhone 12 mini as it rests in the palm of my hand. It’s like having the glorious 5 all over again. AT&T has a really good trade in deal right now

  9. Basically no cell carrier has a real 5G network in any major capacity right now, so I’m not sure what you’re getting at

  10. do you people actually ever meet any of these people or are they just made up? I’ve yet to meet a single one of them but then again im not in the us.

  11. what is with reddit and hating apple? they always complain about apple users brand loyalty but they throw a fit if you criticize their shitty android

  12. lol i just got an iPhone 12 mini in navy blue because i thought it was pretty and if i have to look at an iPhone for 4-5 years, than it better be pretty! (i had my last iPhone SE for 5 years, and i was waiting for a mini to replace it.)

    i only got the 128 GB model because i’d had an iPhone SE with 64 GB, and i still had 2-4 GB left in storage on the phone itself (i don’t use iCloud or Apple Music, all music and pictures live on my device). i’m pretty good at managing what i keep on and off my phone, so i felt okay doubling my space, 256 GB felt like too much. i’m not putting movies or games on there.

    Apple should put the headphone jack in immediately. people will buy it. if Apple wants to keep making money, they’ll listen to the users. people who like Bluetooth and wireless headphones will continue to use them, but wired headphone users are stubborn creatures.

    Android isn’t “bad” per say, it’s just buggy, loaded with crapware, more difficult to use, and when you buy an Android phone, *you’re* the product and Google is selling your personal data. i’d rather pay more and at least think i’m protecting my privacy in Apple’s walled garden. (i’m also 20 years deep in Apple’s balls, so.)

    ProRaw sounds great and looks great and all but i don’t know how many iPhone users actually need that kind of photography capability on their phone. even if they know they can have ProRaw, maybe they don’t need it.

    and one of the first things i did was turn off 5G, since when it’s unavailable, it’s just a battery suck. 4G/LTE is fine. i’ve actually disabled/turned off a lot of the cool/new features because i don’t need them.

    the MagSafe wireless charging is pretty cool though, it’s so quick!

    lol why am i here defending myself lol? you people don’t care lmfao.


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