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That is the New Xperia Compact! The iPhone 12 Mini rival Android followers want

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That is the New Xperia Compact! The iPhone 12 Mini rival Android followers want

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  1. Small phone fan here. While I’m glad to see a smaller phone being released, I’m disappointed it’s from Sony. That pretty much guarantees it won’t get a wide release, won’t have good marketing, and ultimately won’t sell well. This is all before we even know the specs, which can also be a letdown as well. The only manufacturer that can really pull off a successful compact phone in the West would probably be Samsung (with LG being a close second).

  2. Just like manual transmissions, the fans will come out in force complaining that everything is automatic/too big/no headphone jack then when they’re catered to suddenly don’t buy it.

  3. This can only be fake, at least the renderings are for sure. Sony would never release a phone with a notch.

    >Measuring barely 140 x 68.9 x 8.9mm

    That’s 1.9mm thicker and 18mm shorter than the Xperia 5 II where people complained It’s NoT cOmPacT.
    Another hint that this is fake. Even the original japanese source article only says those are rumors.

  4. The draw of the 12 mini isn’t that it’s a small phone. It’s that it’s a small phone with the internals of a flagship. Even mainstream people I know tout this when it’s brought up, even though they don’t usually care about tech specs or even know what a “snapping dragon” is.

    Unless this compact phone has a top of the line Soc, like an sd888 instead of a midrange, it’s not an iPhone 12 Mini rival.

  5. This is a click bait bs. Also that’s significantly bigger than the iPhone mini and not really much different than the Xperia 5.

  6. Might sound too picky but it’s the same size as my S7, that I haven’t changed because I want a smaller phone than that one.

    Is there really no current Android phone that’s just a clone of the Iphone SE? I don’t care about having flagship specs, but just an actually sleek phone

  7. Not at all a direct competitor of the 12 mini, but since I already have one that compliments my S21 Ultra, I like having the best of both worlds.

  8. I am so down for this if this comes into fruition. The only reason why I even own an IPhone is because Android has no alternative. I would gladly drop Apple in a heartbeat if there was a truly small powerful alternative.

  9. The last good “compact” Android smartphone was the Samsung s10e. Hopefully something similar will be available when my phone bites the dust.

  10. 5.5 is compact? And it comes with a notch? Why does it have a notch when it has a decent sized bezel and a large chin? It looks like I’ll have to investigate other brands when I upgrade next.

  11. I think there is still a market for high end compact smartphones on android if they don’t cut down on specs. There are also some mistakes to avoid at all cost: for example if the back is glass, then you ruined it, simply because you’ll need a case which will ruin the compact.

  12. I really want Sony to bring back a flagship compact phone without compromises just because it’s a smaller form factor. With Samsung butchering the S21/+ models, it would be nice to have another option from a different OEM for people with like smaller phones without giving up flagship specs.

  13. And will sell like 20 of these proving once again that r/android’s obsession with tiny phones are plain stupid. Or perhaps they like it because of their tiny “thing”.

  14. Sony pushed me away when they killed the compact line. I ended up going from one of the smallest phones in the XZ1 Compact to one of the largest flagship phones (Samsung Note 20 Ultra). All Sony needs to do is release another compact phone with flagship specs to get me back.

  15. Man eff punch holes and notches. They can burn in hell for all I care. Lol.

    Sony. This isn’t u. Get your act together. Please.

  16. chin looks a little big but definitely interested in this. hope its the same as the old compacts. high end specs and great battery life.

  17. 2mm taller than my dying samsung a3 2017? This is good news! Even with a headphone port from sony! Gotta hand it too them. Might have to support them for the sake of it being sony, and it’s somewhat phone sized


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