HomeUncategorizedReport: Preliminary iPhone 12 gross sales out-performed iPhone 11

Report: Preliminary iPhone 12 gross sales out-performed iPhone 11

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Report: Preliminary iPhone 12 gross sales out-performed iPhone 11

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  1. I switched from Pixel 3XL to Iphone 12 Pro Max this year. I love my iPhone. I’m never going back. I’ve heard of other pixel users also switching to iPhone this year so I think it’s fair to say that due to Google’s most recent disappointing Pixel phone… many looked elsewhere.

  2. For the yearly upgraders, don’t think the 11 was really enough of an upgrade for people who had bought from the X or XS families, or the XR.

    iPhone 12’s flat edge design, more durable glass, and the addition of MagSafe makes it a better sell based on tangible new features.

  3. I was in the camp of wanting the square edges of the iPhone 4 back – who wouldn’t?! Remember Steve introducing it as the Leica camera? It was sexy.

  4. if only there was a 5.8 inch pro or base, 6.1 inch is a huge leap. That’s why I went with the 11 Pro (got a got deal anyway)

  5. The iPhone 12 mini is excellent and it charges quickly with excellent battery performance, excellent portability

  6. I was so happy for the square corners. I’ve been rocking a white iPhone 12 for 6 months and it’s amazing and absolutely gorgeous

  7. The iPhone 12’s flat edge design’s alone was worth the upgrade from an 11 for me. The 12 Pro Max feels so good in the hands!

  8. 12 is a different enough model and different enough upgrades that it made people with newer phones still want it, and it made people with old phones excited to take the leap.

    Anecdotally, my wife both upgraded to the 12 from our 8+ model. Seems like a lot of people we know did something similar

  9. No one is talking about 5G capability? One of the highest factors of this round’s upgrade. Most people wait 2-3 years to upgrade so the 11 wasn’t very attractive with 5G right around the corner.

  10. I still can’t get over the fact that I now have 512GB of storage on my 12 pro max after getting used to 16GB on the 5s for years.

  11. Few factors here, I think that the every other year crowd (me included) falls on these years since I seem to see the higher volume sales the year I get my phone and I went 7 to XS to 12 Pro. Second I know a ton of people that had not had an iPhone switch with the new screw Facebook and anyone that tracks you I know diehard Microsoft android people that mocked my iPhone use for years to make the switch all over privacy, and yes I am mocking all of them biggest they have all said was CarPlay makes Android auto seem years behind.

  12. this is not a surprise since iPhone 12 is the first 5G phone they have. Also, it has a OLED screen for all models.

  13. I switched from android to iPhone 12 and absolutely loving it. Rough initial adjustment but from there everything is a blast. 10 years of Android and I’m back to iPhone. Feels great.


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