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RAM administration iOS 14.5 beta three iPhone 12

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RAM administration iOS 14.5 beta three iPhone 12

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  1. Serious question. Does this only happen on newer iPhones? I’m still using 6s, not on beta (I’m on 14.4.1), and that rarely happens to me. Like, so rare.

  2. Good god not again. A year into its life my iPhone X starting doing this and never stopped. I really hope my 12 Pro Max isn’t about to start doing it too.

  3. Ive had that shit happen since like ios 13 lol. Randomly apps I just opened would just be closed and have to refresh losing whatever I had there.

  4. went back several apps (one of which hadn’t been opened since this morning) and they are all still in RAM.

    Granted this is an iPhone 12 PM but

    14.5 beta

  5. This is so weird. I’ve never experienced this on any iPhone I’ve used. I must be lucky. Hoping third gets fixed in the near future.

    Edit: I’m using the beta and I’m not experiencing this issue, fortunately.

  6. I’m using an iPhone 12 Pro running iOS 14.5 DB3 and it’s very smooth. But it’s not like iOS has lots of options to change advanced system behavior. So it’s probably an iOS bug 🤷🏻‍♂️

  7. Turn of dark mode/updates all the apps or even reboot the device should help. iPhone 12 has 4G ram which in a way may cause more frequent background app reloading, but it should not be this bad. Either the app is not optimized with the beta system or something buggy in the background causing this.

  8. This has been a bug since iOS 13. Something that happens when you plug it to the charger while locked. Restart the phone and it goes away and the phone is fast again. When you plug it to the charger make sure the phone is unlocked and at the Home Screen.

  9. Wow that’s bad!
    12 Pro here… and I don’t have this issue.
    Games or apps I opened earlier today didn’t reload.

    It might be specific to some apps and/or some devices

  10. I’m not seeing this on my iPhone 12 Pro running iOS 14.5 Beta 3. I just opened all of these and came back around again and nothing reloaded:

    Safari (1 tab open)

  11. iPhone 11. Very much affected here. Mainly with Reddit official app. Even after opening another app briefly Reddit will have to reopen.

  12. I would have lost my mind… I was so unhappy with this on iOS 13 on my XS Max. If iOS 14 starts doing it on my 12 Pro Max I’ll go sell it and buy a Pixel 5.

  13. Mine is this bad too on my iPhone 11 Pro. My phone can’t keep 2 apps in the background at the same time. Not to mention my phone is constantly hot or overheating.

  14. Really shitty on my iPhone 11 Pro and iPad 6th Gen. The battery on iPhone is really good(8-9hours SOT 2-3 hours Screen Off Time) but it’s really really bad on the iPad

  15. I’ve had this problem for months with my XS, but specially with discord. I can open it for 5 seconds and switch to another app, then switch back and it’s reloading..

  16. I have always hated how fast is iOS killing apps…

    Sometimes it just kills my TuneIn Radio app even though the radio is playing and it’s connected to CarPlay…


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