Home Uncategorized Oh you thought the iPhone 12 was cool? 😏

Oh you thought the iPhone 12 was cool? 😏

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Oh you thought the iPhone 12 was cool? 😏

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  1. Everytime I see phones like this, or the new roller phones that get bigger, or the foldable phones, or even the Galaxy Edge, all I can think is “my clumsy ass is gonna drop that day one and have it break, cuz no way in hell are they making a case that will protect it and keep it functional.”

  2. Why does it have to be a competition with phones? I swear, any time someone mentions they have one type of phone someone always chimes in with how this other brand is way better. I have an iPhone and a coworker saw it the other day, he had to immediately tell me how much he hates Apple and how android is so superior. Like ok? It’s ok to prefer an android over an Apple and vice versa, but why do you think I care about your opinion? I like my phone a lot or I wouldn’t be paying for it every month. It’s ok to like what you like, but don’t act like your opinion is superior. It’s cringey.

  3. A dedicated lower half of a phone that you can access independently of the screen was only good back when we didn’t use touchscreens and it was for a full keyboard. This is a solution to a problem that was already solved with the touchscreen.

  4. This is so useless in my opinion. I have a phone with a dual screen that folds and it has been endlessly useful. I’m sad that the folding design probably won’t be used again with this new flip design to replace it.

  5. I like how whoever originally made this video to share cropped out the TikTok watermark for MKBHD’s profile and put their own in like its theirs.


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