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[News] Pwn20wnd on Twitter: Cydia is trying good on iPhone 12 Professional Max. #unc0ver

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[News] Pwn20wnd on Twitter: Cydia is trying good on iPhone 12 Professional Max. #unc0ver

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  1. Maaan I can’t wait.

    Got my 12 pro max this week and was stoked to learn it was still on 14.3.

    God damn it I can’t wait hahaha

  2. Hahah damn looks like you beat me to it.

    Bit of background, Pwn20wnd the lead fucking Dev of unc0ver just tweeted he’s back in the scene( real ones know he never left) and has managed to get Cydia running on the 12 pro Max.

    Meaning it’s a jailbreak for **all devices running iOS 14**. Versions of iOS 14 it supports is still unknown, if it uses the same exploit as Odyssey by Modernpwner then it’d be 14.0 – 14.3( including 14.3 RC1)

    Knowing Pwn it could very well support a signed version of ios. Fingers crossed xD

    Get excited y’all!!

    **Update**: He changed his bio to iOS 11 -14.3 meaning it supports 14.0 – 14.3. Great news nonetheless.

    **Update 2** : Pwn’s confirmed u0 team is using their **own exploit** and not the one used by the upcoming Odyssey jailbreak. [He claims it’s fast and stable](

  3. did ModernPwner give him permissions to use cicuta_virosa? I’m curious since they explicitly said that any project including it HAS to be GPL compliant (or to ask permission for it). And it’s the same reason for all the mess around PlankFilza.
    Just curious since unc0ver is closed source. Maybe we’ll hear something from ModernPwnr or from Pwn20wnd

    Edit: no, they’re using a different exploit. He posted it on twitter.

  4. had to upgrade to 14.3 in January because I got an Apple Watch for Christmas and it wouldn’t let me keep 13.5 and i was super sad to unjailbreak but now i’m so glad I did since 14.3 isn’t being signed anymore! 🥳🥳

  5. This is so exciting. Idropped my xs max 13.5 and broke the screen. Needed a phone for work so bought a 12 pro max that came with 14.3 – now to find out I’m
    Going to be able to jailbreak it soon – amazing.

  6. I’m the cursed moron who doesn’t have blobs saved for 14.3, but I do for 14.2, 14.1, and 14.0.

    Does anyone know how these perform compared to 14.3? I.e. any known terrible bugs which mean I should avoid a certain version?

  7. This is exciting. While I don’t care for the drama that we’ve definitely had here in the past, I think it is nice to see some competition between devs.

  8. This is why I haven’t opened my S21. Might as well sell it. I’m so excited for a new jailbreak, specially if it supports A14 iOS 14.3


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