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New Pictures Present Smaller iPhone 13 Notch In comparison with iPhone 12

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New Pictures Present Smaller iPhone 13 Notch In comparison with iPhone 12

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  1. And when it doesn’t happen this year, guess what article is going to be posted again in 2022? Man these “leakers” sure love to throw shit at the wall and hope something sticks, and if it doesn’t, just recycle it for next year!

  2. That’s actually a lot more significant than I’d thought. I have a 12 Pro Max and I’ll upgrade at iPhone 14 so hopefully it’s completely gone by then

  3. That’s still huge compared to any other phone, but at least they’re making some progress on the notch. It seems like I won’t be able to wait it after all.

  4. I would love for them to improve Face ID. Get it to work from a greater distance & angles.

    In normal use while holding my XS Max, it works great. But when I’m at my desk and it’s on a phone stand (which puts it in a bit of an angle) I get a notification, I look at my phone and it just refuses to unlock. I have the same issue in my car where my iPhone is attached to the right side of my steering wheel/vent. For both scenarios, my eyeballs are maybe 1-1.5 feet away from the iPhone.

    So I’m hoping that perhaps they were able to improve Face ID by going with this smaller notch.

  5. It looks like the earpiece speaker will become almost 2x bigger. My guess is that Apple wants to make the top earpiece speaker equal with the bottom speaker for loud stereo sound in landscape mode.

  6. Literally don’t understand at all why the notch is such a big issue – give me a bigger and more efficient battery – why do dumb things like this make the headlines

  7. What’s the obsession with the notch? I’ve looked up there on my screen maybe 5 times since owning an iPhone years ago. If it’s such an issue then get an android.

  8. Stupid question: what do they mean by “the earpiece”? Is it the speaker that you can hear when putting the phone up to your ear?

  9. Why do they keep coming up with new power cords.these iPhones it is hard enough to find the connector that goes into the car into the wall to use the charge it.

  10. tried 2 android phones before buying the iphone 12 – 3 wonderful screens but horrible call quality on each of them. And apple did a good job hiding the notch, it usually blends into the phones background so well that you really only see it while watching movies (which i never do on my phone).

    So unless you use your phone as a movie watching / gaming device all day a notch will probably be the better choice for a few more years. Under screen speakers and cameras are not even close to the quality i would want them to be.

  11. I love my iPhone 11 but I think Apple needs to move past the notch. I know a lot of people don’t find it intrusive but I’m one of those people who are really bothered by it.

  12. Even if apple can’t remove the notch, you gotta give the style points to them. getting some futuristic vibes from those cool cutouts

  13. Frankly I would have much preferred a less tall notch as opposed to a less wide notch. A wide, thin notch to me looks much more elegant and “iPhone-like” than a thin, tall notch – which looks much more generic and “Android-like”.

  14. Until under screen tech is rolled out it’s just a different shade of lipstick really. I’m left wondering whether this years upgrade is worth it. Same with iPad & Airpods.

  15. Only thing I care about is whether there’s gonna be and under-display fingerprint sensor,so I can stop being forced to use crappy Face ID, and if the battery life will be improved, instead of made worse.


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