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I’ve used Android for over 10 years — I am switching to an iPhone 12 Mini

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I’ve used Android for over 10 years — I am switching to an iPhone 12 Mini

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  1. He doesn’t need to try to stick it out. If it works for him, then good stuff. Seems like he is okay with the experience this time round though.

  2. Mini is criminally overrated on Reddit. It’s been flooding the second-hand market here in Thailand, now it’s possible to get one from fb marketplace for less than $600 (retail price for mini is $820 here). Unprecedented price drop for Apple product in such a short period of time. I guess people love the idea of buying it, but don’t love to actually use it. Screen real estate matters after all.

  3. iPhone 12 mini has been undeservedly completely shit on since its release. I went back to my 11 pro for a week about a month ago and hated it, so heavy. Love the mini!

  4. I hope they don‘t discontinue it any time soon. I really like my XS and the size is okay, but it’s definitely on the heavy side. The regular 12 already feels too chunky. …and i’m 1,85m and i have large hands. I hate this huge phone trend.

  5. lol people are commenting without reading the article 😂

    This isn’t the regular Android → iPhone story.

  6. I used Android since the dawn of time. Loved the Pixels and Sonys weirdos. That being said, I switched to a 12 mini half a year ago and couldn’t be happier. Superb Software, great ecosystem, privacy. It even lasts longer than my pixel 4 with a smaller battery. The amount of background tracking on android is unreal.

  7. The iPhone not wirelessly charging because it’s small complaint reeks of bullshit. Also the “it crashes every day” complaint sounds like he already jailbroke the thing.

  8. I’ve got iPhone 12 I’m so pleased with it. The battery lasts well over 12 hours and still isn’t in low power mode. Best phone I’ve had

  9. Apple does fine on maps so I’m surprised to hear the knit pick. The regular UX from apps to services is without a single hitch. Idk why he didn’t swap sooner but I feel like ten years on Android I would have had everything working perfectly, and tuned to my liking.

  10. I had almost the exact same story. Had an iPad but didn’t enjoy the OS. It’s the combination of the small phone and OS updates including app drawer that made me switch from Android.

  11. I personally love the form factor of the Mini, however, I really wanted the camera of the 12 Pro and Apple ProRAW, so I got the Pro

  12. I’ve just switched from long time android use to the iPhone 12 Pro Max. So far enjoying the change. Wasn’t a fan of the fact not all Android are created equally in terms of the software / UI.

  13. You know what i love about my android phone? It’s a simple thing.

    The wake up alarm. My phone starts to glow. Then a random chewn from my spotify playlist starts to play. Has along fade in time.

    Can’t get this to work natively on my wifes iphone. Which is just BURRR BRRR BURR BURRR BURR.

  14. Me too mate – after starting with Galaxy S1, through Nexus4 and all the way to S10E, I’ve decided I have had it enough with Google’s indolence and lack of determination. Love my iPhone 12, battery life is unreal and phone is devilishly quick.

  15. Don’t get the mini if you like to game or watch movies on your phone. Get the mini if you need to stop playing games or watching movies on your phone.

    Best iPhone since my formerly favorite 5S.

  16. Inside every android user is an iPhone user waiting to ascend

    Edit: Before ya get mad, point to any prominent person who switched from iPhone to Android and wasn’t paid to do it

  17. I’ve been sticking to my 8+, and really have no motivation to switch to Android. The one thing that might have convinced me (MicroSD slot) has gone away.

  18. He doesn’t mention that 12 mini is faster than any Android device sold. Somehow it’s still ludicrously overpriced.

  19. this is clickbait. We get the same shit over at r/Android. “i switched to Android and heres why its better” and everyone can feel superior.
    dont click these articles these people never actually switch. (the site is called Android Police ffs)

    its just to milk fanboys, he might even release an article in the future titled “welp the iPhone 12 mini wasnt as great as i thought”. and on the other side there will be an article called “heres what i miss from iOS and i will be going back”

  20. TIL you can use GBoard on the iPad…

    I’m also a fairly recent longtime android convert to iOS, and I generally agree with the OP’s sentiments. With the recent improvements to IOS to allow custom email clients, browsers, maps, and allowing users a little more control over their default apps and homescreen it does seem like some of the things that frustrated me initially into switching to Android about 10 years ago have been fixed.

    I still think that notification management was much cleaner on Android but other than that I’m pretty happy with the ecosystem. In the past two years I got the iPhone, iPad, Watch, and I just got the Apple TV, so I’m a definite full ecosystem convert.

  21. As someone who has both an iPhone 12 and a Samsung S20 FE 5G. The grass is honestly equally green on both sides at this point. There is no perfect device for every situation. My Samsung phone takes better zoomed photos. I like the information provided to me by Samsung health on a bike ride….

    However, I like how fast an iPhone is and I like the fact that it’s so locked down… Sometimes notifications across all of my devices are annoying though and sometimes I don’t want to see texts or phone calls on my iMac.

    I really like both ecosystems. There’s such a small difference in software at this point no matter what this article says. It all feels…. pretty much the same. I have to wonder though: How is Siri a better assistant than Google Assistant? This person is complaining about an assistant, but Google’s assistant is no doubt better than siri in every way.

    All of these articles are clickbait. Don’t be a “fan” of any company. Buy what you think is best for you. Hardware and software is nearly equivalent at this point.

  22. Android dev of almost a decade and I’m pretty sure my forever phone is this 12 mini. Even debating on buying a second one just in case

  23. If I hadn’t so recently gotten a great deal on an iPhone 11 Pro 256GB w/AppleCare+, I’d absolutely own a 12 mini. Got a deal on one recently but it’s not in the kind of condition I would want to own and use daily, and is only 64GB (not enough for me). It’s a lovely device just not the right time for me to get the configuration I need sadly 🙁

  24. The Mini is so tempting. I’ve never had an iPhone, even though I’ve been using Macs for a decade. When I tried my girlfriend’s XR I always found it clunky and unintuitive. My girlfriend was okay with it, but now she’s back to Samsung and doesn’t miss her iPhone. I’m afraid of losing lots of small convenient things if I switch.

    On the other hand, the hardware is amazing (well, other than being too thin and having a ridiculous camera bump, but it’s true for every other phone as well). It’s the most ergonomic phone since Xperia XZ2 Compact at least, or perhaps even since the original SE.

    This year I’ll have to upgrade my phone as it will stop getting security updates (the last generation of Galaxy phones with just 3 years of support). And the Mini will be one of the options to consider, even though I’m really wary of iOS.

  25. The author mentions they felt more productive on Android. Can anyone who’s used both speak to that?

  26. Don’t do it. I had been on Android for years and owned several devices from the Moto G. When iPhone XR came out, I gave it a try. I’ve regreted it every since. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great device, but the walled garden experience has been a mixed bag, and if I don’t want to waste the 1,000€ I invested in this, I will have to keep it until it dies, which… won’t be anytime soon.

  27. An iPhone would probably be my next phone if it just had a headphone jack. You can pry wired headphones from my cold, dead hands.

  28. The main reason I am sticking with an iPhone is privacy. I don’t trust an OS developed by a giant advertising company, how can I?


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