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iPhone left in lake for 18 hours 30 toes down. (My first time ice fishing) iPhone 12 Professional Max got here up and was taking part in my alarm after we used a hook and digicam to snag the MagSafe leather-based case!

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iPhone left in lake for 18 hours 30 toes down. (My first time ice fishing) iPhone 12 Professional Max got here up and was taking part in my alarm after we used a hook and digicam to snag the MagSafe leather-based case!

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  1. Nice! I know plenty of people who keep debating Humminbird 360 MEGA vs Garmin Livescope, but if the water is clear enough, they have nothing on this camera’s image.

  2. My wife dropped her iPhone 7 in a lake a couple of years ago. Was down around 5 feet for 4 hours and come out working perfectly fine. They are well built for water.

  3. I know this isn’t a phone, but somehow my iPad charger cable and all ( 6th generation) got outside. It was lost for over 1 year in rainy humid weather. I found it one day brought it inside, and plugged it up to my iPhone 7 and the charger still charged

  4. You were able to see it live on the Find My app? Wouldn’t the 30 feet of water block any of the signals from reaching the surface? When I have my phone in a waterproof case and I submerge it the bluetooth audio (I realize it’s a different frequency than the cellular signal) stops playing almost immediately.

  5. Impressive you not only managed to hook it, but keep it hooked for the 30’ ascent. Being an iPhone 12 model with MagSafe, my first thought would’ve been to put a magnet on the underwater camera and tried to stick it to the phone, like high tech magnet fishing. Either way, glad you got your phone back

  6. How is it that this phone survives underwater die 18 hours, but my XS Max died after 30 minutes 2 feet down in a jacuzzi. Bah! Still happy for you though!

  7. I’ve had a few iPhones survive extended water submerges lol I’m clumsy as fuck. Only thing that always breaks on my iPhones after being submerged are the speakers. Idk why but they crackle like crazy even years after it happening

  8. Got my phone Xs max wet in salt water (hawaii), 0.5 ft down, for 5 minute and phone was destroyed

    Screen and internals ruined

    Nearest apple store said these phones are affected differently by salt water? Not sure if true but yah… definitely was disappointed

  9. Same happened to the wife’s xr in a plain clear half case but only 8 ft for about 28 hours . Used a chainsaw to cut a good size hole and smelt net electrical taped to an extendable paint rod. It was just blind scooping in the silt but happened to scoop it up after about two hours of trying. That was early last year and she’s still using it.

  10. I lost My Apple Watch in the River while cliff jumping.
    It was probably 20-25ft deep and Fast current so I just wrote it off.
    My wife got a text like 6 months later saying they found my watch and used the emergency contact to get ahold of her lol.

    I’m still wearing it now it has been perfect.

  11. Ok a few things. It dropped in one hole. Luckily landed by another. We tried to use magnets to the MagSafe case after flipping it over. Ended up using a treble hook. It took hours of trying to get it hooked enough. It was down for so long because it was dropped when it was dark. Then we waited for the magnet.

  12. I’m not a frequent Reddit user obviously but I have more pictures and whatnot of my story I’m happy to send to whoever (my Snapchat is “www.whoisthis”) is in disbelief. When we were lucky enough to find it the next day we labeled it a recovery mission to get it up to claim it on Apple care (or try to at least). When we teamed it close to the hole and my buddy grabbed it we were screaming like we won the Super Bowl in the ice shack. The emotions felt on my first ever fishing trip will likely never be matched. And if you’re wondering we only caught one walleye and it was this morning.

  13. This is awesome! A friend lost her Apple Watch while jumping off of a dock into the water, last week (I wasn’t there). “Find My” was used via her iPhone, and two friends with diving equipment went down to find it three hours later, settled in the sand at 25 feet! It’s still fully functional! Same results when my friend dropped her phone off a boat into the ocean. “Find my” app and diving equipment recovered it after an hour at 20’ with no damage! Gotta love quality tech products!

    Edit: Back in 2017 I was floating the river in Texas with my iPhone 6s. I dropped it, and down it went! The current was *strong* that day, but I immediately planted my feet where I’d dropped it and didn’t move, and directed my friends using my search and rescue training while they branched out from me to look for it. About 30 minutes later, a guy friend pulled it out! It was absolutely unscathed and worked perfectly until I traded it for a 7+ a year later! I’ve also purposely taken my 11 Pro Max into the pool to take pictures, and dropped it up to 12 feet down several times with absolutely no negative consequences! I virtually *never* take my s3 watch off for swimming or diving (pool, ocean, bath) and it’s never had any issues, either!


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