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iPhone 12 Professional Max amongst Shopper Reviews’ greatest smartphones of 2021

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iPhone 12 Professional Max amongst Shopper Reviews’ greatest smartphones of 2021

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  1. It is a bit heavy compared to my old 6s. But the screen and battery life is fantastic. Running out of battery is no longer a thing. Using my friends old SE suddenly feels like looking through a letterbox.

  2. This is understandable. The 12 pro max is the best iPhone I’ve ever used… and I had the 11 pro max.

    As someone who has had iPhones as well as the note 9, 10 plus, and 20 ultra. I recently bought the 12 pro max and this is it. I’m staying with apple and it’s iPhone. Apple just seems to understand what a user needs more so that what a user wants.

    Every time I left apple to use a Note device… I always end up missing the seamlessness of which apple’s devices communicate with each other, IMessage, a built in Video chat app in FaceTime, a simple point and shoot camera that gives me what I want without having to go into pro mode and edit, and having the best versions of the 3 big social media apps. And just a host of different small features that just make my life easier.

    I love android and plan to get the s21 ultra, but I’m never trading phones again. I’ll keep them side by side. However, iPhone will be my main phone moving forward.

  3. I would hope so, given that iPhones have existed for 14 years and it costs over a thousand dollars it better be the best ever.

  4. I mean how could it not be? It’s Apple’s top of the line. And when it comes to competition Android is miles behind in terms of software.

  5. My previous iphone was I think the 6? But I decide to jump back after having oneplus for few years and I couldn’t be happier!

    edit: well lol you can see my previous iphone from my flair

  6. I really want to jump on the 12 bandwagon, but my very first iPhone – the 11 Pro Max is working so well that I can’t justify spending the money.

    While on Android I always bought the newest Note series every year, but Apple shot them selves in the foot by having such a kick ass product. Maybe next year…

  7. Just got mine after having an iPhone 7 Plus since launch. The fact that my 7 Plus does more than it could when I first got it and I can sell it to someone who will get a few more years out of it says it all.

  8. I have the 12 Pro instead of the Max, it’s just too large to handle well for me.

    Even the 12 Pro has been absolutely amazing. I love my iPhone so much!

  9. I always feel a bit sorry for OnePlus. They make phones that constantly get very high marks and yet no one buys them.

  10. Any of the 12 are great. I had a 12 Pro Max for a few days but couldn’t handle it. It was too big for me. I’m now using a 12 Mini and feels perfect. Performance is the same.

  11. I get a new iPhone every year with my contract. This is, unsurprisingly, the best iPhone yet. It just feels so polished, probably the best look we’ll get until they get rid of the notch. Only gripe is the metal sides, I have the gold one and they are complete fingerprint magnets. Would have preferred the matte finish off the non-Pro model. But to be fair my phone is mostly always in a case anyway

  12. As someone who’s just switched from being a Hardcore Android user for years and my last device being a Samsung S20 Ultra 5G. I can most certainly attest to the iPhone 12 Pro Max being an amazing device that has meet and exceed my expectations, so much so that I went out an purchased an Apple Watch Series 6 the same week. Tangentially, will I ever own a MacBook, probably not.

    However, I said I would never own an iPhone and here we are. 🤷🏾‍♂️😂

  13. It’s a nearly flawless device, tbh. I especially love the Graphite color option this year. Easily the most stunning iPhone by far.

  14. I mean, has the iphone ever not been the best smartphone of any year since it’s introduction? This is like saying water is wet.

  15. Man I love my pacific blue iPhone 12 Pro Max. Probably keeping this for like four years. Like I did with the iPhone 7 Plus.

  16. This is probably the best phone I’ve ever owned.

    Amazing battery life, charges fast, great design, takes epic photos, rapid performance and reliable. I love watching basketball on it as well as reading articles and it just feels like something I don’t need to constantly readjust zoom levels. I use it for training too (Peloton videos) when i use the gym in my building and I don’t have to worry about the size being too big to tilt and fall. The added weight keeps it in place and I barely have dropped it since launch because that added heft makes it feel secure in my hand (lighter phones tend to go flying across the ground when dropped for me)

    I’m also running the apple watch and ios 14.5 betas and lemme tell you it feels so much better to not have to be annoyed when wearing a mask to unlock my phone. Sometimes I just wanna access my screen and not have to constantly fidget with my phone in public when I’m on the go (eg: going to the store and reviewing my budget/grocery shopping list)


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