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iPhone 12 mini manufacturing to be discontinued resulting from poor gross sales

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iPhone 12 mini manufacturing to be discontinued resulting from poor gross sales

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  1. I was jazzed about the mini. Really thought it’d be my next phone. Once I handled a display model…..changed my mind.

    I think all the people who ‘thought’ they missed their SE didn’t really miss it all that much.

    Mini was priced too high also

  2. I saw a post to similar article earlier today. Someone in the comments mentioned that the iPhone 12 Mini still sells more units than any of the Pixels or any of Samsung’s phones. Apple likely just has a backlog of units and will stop production until they are sold (or will just start making the iPhone 13 Mini instead).

  3. I think the prices were too close to their bigger siblings. Only those who absolutely needed to save some cash when buying multiples of this (like a new office or something) or really needed small phones for whatever reasons would buy this. Or those developers and system integrators who just needed an iOS device to showcase apps or something in an expo. Guess there was a market after all for the mini but not big enough for apple to bother continuing making it.

  4. I know the consensus is that the 12 Mini has not been popular, but I’m skeptical of this article.

    They don’t provide any evidence that the 12 Mini’s production will be discontinued. An analyst says the supply chain suggests they are reducing production, but that seems like a very different claim to the clickbait headline.

    There is a trend for iPhones to be discontinued every year and replaced by the new model, so I don’t see why the Mini potentially being discontinued later this year and replaced with a 13 Mini would be any different to the XS and XS Max being replaced by the 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max after a year, which were replaced by the 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max after a year.

  5. This is fake apple isn’t gonna discontinue the 12 Mini they are just shifting production to the more popular 12Pro the mini still makes up around 6-8% of all total iPhone sales

  6. While the title here is true, it’s quite misleading.

    iPhone 12 mini is NOT being discontinued entirely or is even selling that poorly for that matter, rather it’s just not meeting apples expected demand for when they produced it.

    This resulted in there being too many 12 minis lying about not being sold so it’s better off just to stop production until the rest of the stock pile is used up and either resume production or keep the production line clear for next years models.

  7. “Poor sales” for Apple means underperforming in sales by like 10%. The Mini isn’t going anywhere Apple will rethink its pricing or market the line up better.

  8. I’m not all that surprised by this. I remember most people wanting a bigger iPhone some time before the iPhone 6 came out since basically all of the Android phones were getting bigger screens. Even though that was quite some time ago, I don’t think that has changed at all especially since we are consuming so much more media on our phones than we did 10 years ago. I think the 11 Pro hits the perfect balance for most people, although personally I could go a tad bigger like the 12 Pro or the regular 11, but the Max series are just insanely huge.

  9. What? The mini is perfect, I love it. It’s a phone with the size of a phone and amazing capabilities. I don’t believe this article at all.

  10. I would really like a smaller handset but Apple:

    * doesn’t release or update them on a regular schedule
    * doesn’t guarantee if and when their will be another small handset

    Me: IPhone 6 purchased Sep 2014
    Apple: iPhone SE released Mar 2016
    Me: iPhone XS purchased Sep 2018
    Apple: iPhone SE (gen 2) released Apr 2020
    Apple: iPhone 12 Mini released Oct 2020

    Each release is midway through my usual upgrade cycle. Since I usually wait 3-4 years between upgrades I’m not going to buy a phone that’s over a year old and I can’t wait another year ***just in case*** Apple decides to release a newer small handset.

  11. Reading this on my iphone 12 mini. Which I truly love. Sometimes I just look at it with the screen off for the beauty of it (no joke)

  12. very happy with my 12 mini, upgraded from my 2016 SE. Its still a little bigger than I would like ideally. That 5S design is genuinely one of the best handheld devices ever created.

  13. Clickbait article, I can’t imagine apple entirely discontinuing manufacturing the mini. Maybe simply until they start to run low on units then production will ramp up again.

  14. I wanted one but many of the reviews said it had poor battery life so I stuck with my android. I think also Apple cut into the sales of the 12 mini by releasing the SE (2) for $400 a few months before.

  15. I would have gotten the mini if it has dual sim and also poor battery on all 3 iPhones made me go for the Max. Felt big in the beginning but love for the battery and other things. Also here in China we have dual sim version.

    Another reason I feel could be for poor sales would be less sales in China where people love bigger ones and also dual sim ones. I have yet to see a mini in flesh in outside world but I see a lot of other 3 models here in China.

  16. Keeping my 12 mini for the next 4 years and then I’ll probably go SE3 (which will hopefully be a lot like my 12 mini, just with faster chip).

    I bet a lot of the rest of Team Small Phone will be on the same cycle.

    No real sweat off my back if they discontinue it, just glad they did it for at least one year.

    The irony is I’m a dude with huge hands, I notice a lot of other big guys with the mini. One hand use is so easy with it when you have big hands. Love this phone.

  17. We purchased two iPhone SEs at launch for our kids. We would have held out for this had we known it was coming.

    The iPhone SE “2” addressed a lot of pent-up demand for those looking for a smaller iPhone. To release a second small iPhone months later instead of the following year was just poor planning on Apple’s part.

    I have an 11 Pro and would love a smaller, high-end iPhone. The SE “2” didn’t exist when I made my purchase, and I’m not upgrading one year later. I don’t know when I’m going to upgrade, but I do hope that a 12 mini successor is on the table. It really needs to be a consistent and expected annual thing. People tend to avoid products that a company doesn’t commit to.

  18. This is probably BS, there’s stories like this every year and they end up being wrong. Every review I’ve seen of the mini raved about it.

    This is probably just a hedge fund trying to manipulate the stock market by spreading bs in the media, they do it all the time and they love to do it to Apple and Tesla.

  19. I got the Mini and it’s perfect for me. It’s the first iPhone I’ve ever owned, and it was worth the jump from Android. I’ve also got an iPad Pro, so I have no need for a big phone. I would hate to see it go away, but if it doesn’t sell well, that’s the way it goes. I will have a great phone and a collector’s item.

  20. Honestly everything whats is said on that article doesn’t make much sense.
    Seems like they’ve taken all of the rumours that came out recently and made more exaggerated based on those.

  21. Well, if it’s true I’m okay with it. I’m using an iPhone 12 mini right now and it’s awesome. It’s the first Apple product that I own and I’m quite satisfied by the size, phone battery and performance.

  22. I just pray that they keep making these despite the low sales, I hate big phones and I also hate slow phones. Before the 12 mini only option was the Sony compact line now that doesn’t really exist, so the 12 mini was my saving grace as the only phone I would consider buying. I love the phone so much and praying that when my contact runs out there is a 13 mini or wherever because there is no other good small phone

  23. Had a 12 mini for a few days waiting for my 12 Pro Max and really loved the size. When holding the mini I never thought about the size as in ‘wow that phone is small’. It felt just right. Getting and using my Pro Max however was a different story. Took me some time to get used to that size and to this day I still sometimes have moments where I think ‘my god that thing is huge’.

    If it wasn’t for battery life I would have given back my Pro Max stayed with the mini.

  24. Surely this increases its collectibility. People will collect these, won’t they? Imagine having a full set, but it’s missing the 12 mini. How sad!

  25. I got the 12, coming from the 11 pro Max. I was afraid too jump from Max to mini because of the obvious size differences. After palming the mini, I should have done it. I love the size. Oh well, there is always next year….

  26. I have an iPhone 12 pro. First phone I’ve purchased since iPhone 6. I absolutely hate the size. My Hands hurt just typing this. I had planned to go the mini route next time I need a phone and hope they still exist.

  27. I think there’s a misunderstanding. Apple can pause manufacturing of Mini because their sales projections were too ambitious without cancelling the 12 Mini product.

    My guess is the mini is NOT going away.

  28. I think one of the reason for the poor sales is the SE2 coming out just before it. Most people wanting a smaller phone probably jumped on that.


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