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iPhone 12 mini gross sales proceed to lag in early 2021, new knowledge suggests

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iPhone 12 mini gross sales proceed to lag in early 2021, new knowledge suggests

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  1. I think they made the mistake of releasing the SE earlier in the year. I almost bit on that as it was the smallest phone but decided not to, I needed to quit upgrading so often. Luckily I held out for the mini breaking my upgrade rule, lol. It was on a free promo though so I made out. Love my one handed pocketable phone.

  2. As someone who owns a 12 Mini and absolutely loves it, I’m honestly not too surprised to hear this because the 12 is a much bigger phone, better value, and only $100 more. In addition, the SE 2020 came out around half a year before the 12 Mini, which I would assume could play into some of the results since it’s significantly cheaper while also still being a small phone. I also think that in general, bigger phones are far more popular because many people want a big screen now for bigger battery and to watch films/TV on.

  3. I almost got it, but I’d have liked it to be $50 to $100 cheaper. If they keep making these in the future, and price it that way, I’ll DEFINITELY pick one up next phone

  4. If I was looking to buy right now, that’s probably the one I’d opt for but I just got the XS last year and I don’t see myself updating for a few years. Phone’s are just too good now days you don’t have to upgrade as much. Especially Apple with how long they support their products with updates.

  5. The mini is amazing. I think that even has the chance to keep on selling for much longer as there is no similar device. Small and high end.

  6. Meh, to me this is a trial phone. They are watching how the market reacts to small phones. As long as they can recover the r&d cost and make a little profit they’ll be happy.

  7. Here’s an idea that would make me buy one… offer me $300 off if I give them my SE2020 (which is selling great) and I’ll cover the difference.

    Or, drop the price $100. If apple sells more then expected it will snowball and I think they’d cover any losses in accessories bought with the new 12 mini.

  8. I bought the mini. Like it a lot. No complaints. Very easy to use one-handed. Almost forget it’s in my pocket. Battery life is good, speakers are good, screen is bright. Definitely one of my favorite iPhones ever. Probably not the best for gaming, but I don’t do much of that.

  9. Well, glad I got mine before they kill it off. And in case anyone is wondering, there’s nothing wrong with the battery life, it’s absolutely fine. Unless you have one of those jobs where you’re literally on the phone 12 hours a day or you’re a 17 year old that regularly hits 10 hours of SOT watching FaceTube and playing mortal-ubg-duty-go for 12 hours a day, then you don’t need to avoid this phone because of the battery. I’m actually quite amazed at how long the battery lasts given it’s size when compared to similarly sized Android devices that use bigger batteries.

  10. It’s not the size of the Mini that’s the issue, it’s the price. Apple has the 12 at just $100 more than the mini. Most people are going to look at the price difference and grab the larger phone. Now when the 12s/13 (w/e Apple calls it) the Mini could become the iPhone 11 replacement in the stack offered at $600, then it’s right in the middle of the new iPhone and the 2020 SE.

  11. If I could offer a bit of perspective-I recently just returned to the iOS ecosystem after my last iPhone which was a 5S. I went with the iPhone 11 not just because of cost, but battery life. I really didn’t see a need to go for the mini and spend more to get less battery life. I don’t know if the minis camera is better, but for my usage I have no reason chase a better camera than the 11

  12. Let’s travel through the wayback machine to chuckle at all the posts with iPhone users slamming premium android flagships with large, high ppi displays a “too big for 1 hand use” and “stupid looking like an iPad mini”, all while Apple ran tv ads showing the iPhone 5S was perfect because your thumb could reach the entire screen.

    My, how the turntables.

  13. Just going to restate what I said in the prior thread on this topic.

    We purchased two iPhone SEs at launch for our kids. We would have held out for this had we known it was coming.

    The iPhone SE “2” addressed a lot of pent-up demand for those looking for a smaller iPhone. To release a second small iPhone months later instead of the following year was just poor planning on Apple’s part.

    I have an 11 Pro and would love a smaller, high-end iPhone. The SE “2” didn’t exist when I made my purchase, and I’m not upgrading one year later. I don’t know when I’m going to upgrade, but I do hope that a 12 mini successor is on the table. It really needs to be a consistent and expected annual thing. People tend to avoid products that a company doesn’t commit to.

  14. Imo the problems with the mini are;

    Its notch which makes the display feel cramped at the top

    And the naming, most people will buy an ‘iPhone’ and won’t consider something called a ‘mini’ version

  15. I’m convinced that the reason why the 12 mini isn’t selling as high as Apple hoped is the SE being small enough and being significantly cheaper. My mom considered getting a 12 mini because of the size, but then she saw the SE, thought it was small enough, and went for that because of its significantly lower starting price.

  16. SE took away their sales, and I think releasing the 12/12 Pro and then waiting like another month to release the Mini was a mistake. I know someone that wanted a Mini but couldn’t wait a month to upgrade and just went ahead and got that 12 Pro.

    The battery is also not good *in comparison* to the other phones in the lineup. It’s not bad in a vacuum, it’s average, but definitely doesn’t hold up. I go on trips a lot and will definitely have to bring battery packs to keep this thing alive, something I didn’t have to do with my 11.

  17. Another issue is that people aren’t going to risk $600 on something they aren’t sure they will like.

    They already know they will like a regular iPhone, so no risk.

    Market share would grow with subsequent generations after people know someone who liked the mini.

  18. Honestly, it shocked me that it wasn’t the hottest phone, but I guess most people don’t want a small device. Sure, many do, and were thrilled, and I’m happy that they got a solid upgrade, but most people have moved past the size and don’t want that small of a device anymore.

  19. I want a Mini but already bought an SE 2 in Sept as my X had died due to not being as water resistant as claimed and I had a stimulus. I would have bought the mini if it was out. My dad also wants a mini but just bought an SE2 right before they came out. We are also in a pandemic and people who normally might spring for a pricey phone are holding back to have a cushion for unpredictable circumstances.

  20. Debating moving on from my 8 Plus, but I’m not sure about how weird the size difference will feel.

    Plus – it’s just shy or $1000 where I live, so I’m torn – I can get an 11 for ~$700, or a 12 mini for $979.

  21. I think this was still a smart move, although not many, a lot of people still purchased a mini but not only that the mini became a new standard starting price, with the normal iPhone 12 now only being £100/$100 more with that bigger screen it doesn’t seem like as big a jump as the standard iPhone 11 from the SE or 11 to 11 pro was.

    So in turn they (although I don’t have actual data this is just my presumption) likely sold more iPhone 12s and 12 pros that they might’ve without the 12 mini.

  22. I got the 11 pro 2 months before the release of the 12 because I was impatient. But honestly I don’t really regret it that much. The 11 pro is a solid device still, I do want the mag safe thing on the 12 though. And Some other nice features the 11 Pro doesn’t have.

  23. Was planning on waiting to upgrade from my Xs to whatever the 13 version of the mini was this year, but now I’m somewhat nervous that it may get discontinued before then.

  24. I went with the iPhone 12 Pro for the extra camera, LiDAR, 512gb and beautiful color but kind of want to buy an iPhone 12 straight out just to own one and maybe keep in the package… I just love old phones and think it looks and feels perfect! I know there’s not enough space but if Apple could find a way to fit even just a little bit bigger battery and LiDAR Scanner on the mini I’d pay anything for such a miracle of modern engineering!

  25. This is disappointing and surprising. I upgraded early just for the mini. It’s so small and lightweight, and i don’t feel i’ve lost anything. Went back to wipe my xr for trade-in and it was helplessly large and heavy. Hated using it even for a minute.


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