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iPhone 12 mini gross sales possible ‘disenchanted’ Apple

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iPhone 12 mini gross sales possible ‘disenchanted’ Apple

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  1. Not even the least bit surprised. Consumers in general want bigger phones with reliable batteries since they’ve become all around multimedia devices our entire lives are on. Like the article outlines, the XR and 11 are better buys in pursuit of that goal. I wonder if Apple continues with a mini iPhone going forward if this becomes a failed experiment (by their standards).

  2. Not surprised really, we saw the same thing with the galaxy S10e

    Great phone in all aspects, MKBHD’s best rated small phone of that year

    But people didn’t buy it as much as they did the bigger ones (although the hardware of that thing was a bit worse than the bigger ones)

    Only in phone tech spaces will you see people fawning over small phones, that and looking back on the size with rose coloured glasses

  3. I got the 12, but I really felt like maybe I should have gotten the Mini instead. I realized later that size-wise it was perfect. I wonder if many others too also didn’t realize they might like it and didn’t give it a chance.

  4. That’s sad. I really really love the mini. It wasn’t even a debate for me. Especially since the 12 Pro doesn’t come with extremely better features….

    Hopefully they still will make a mini version next year.

  5. Was it supposed to be sold a lot? I think that smaller phones have their own user base and that they weren’t supposed to be sold to a lot of people.

  6. I’m blaming on them pairing it with the Pro Max

    Pairing it with the 12 may have helped the sales when the early hype was there. Some people I knew got the 12 not knowing the mini even existed. Termination of their contract would be a hassle, so they kept the 12.

  7. I bet it’s all those reviews that made the mini look like it will not get people through the day, even though it lasts about 10% shorter than the regular 12.

  8. I purchased the 12 Mini for my wife as an anniversary/ Christmas gift. She was finally moving on from her 8, which had seen better days. She didn’t want to make a drastic jump in size (didn’t like my 11 Pro).

    I’m seriously impressed with the mini. I like the feel of it. Hopefully they keep the idea of it around.

  9. The mini had a few main issues:

    – SE2 released just months earlier. A lot of the small iPhone crowd jumped on that.
    – SE2 pricing – Mini looks super expensive in comparison.
    – Launch delay of a month – early adopters jumped off the mini train to 12/12 Pro (like me, I wanted a mini but didn’t want to wait.)

    Also, this report is only 2 weeks of launch sales for the mini…it launched 2 weeks into November…

  10. I got it and love it. Went from an XS Max to the Mini.

    Easily lasts the entire day for me without a charge. Including commute using wireless CarPlay.

  11. If Apple would have cut down 5G on the 12 mini and made it more affordable in general, there would be a significant amount of people switching from the 8 or earlier to it. I know people who use old models and would like to use a 12 mini primarily because of its size, but they also don‘t seem to accept to pay like 800 bucks for a smartphone. Instead, they would go with a refurbished 7 again. On the other hand, smartphone manufacturers beer higher costs when producing smaller phones. That‘s kinda tricky

  12. The 12 mini is really the new “SE”. Apple should have reduced the mini price by $100 and discontinue the old SE as it isn’t even the same design language as the newer phones. The 12 mini is closer in size to the original SE than the iPhone 8 version anyway.

  13. My iPhone history is 3GS, 4s, 6s, 11pro. ie: normally a few years between models – and I held onto the 6s for ages because I didn’t want to size up again if I could help it.

    11pro for only a year and if not for the 12mini I’d have no reason to not think I’d keep it for another year or two.

    But the 12mini has me thinking of upgrading already. Smaller is SO tempting!

  14. Mini might follow the same cycle the SE line does. Not discontinued, but not refreshed every year.

    For reference, SE 1 was released in 2016 and SE 2 in 2020. I don’t think they’d keep 4 years between the refresh, but only time can really tell.

  15. The mini is one where I would say, “This would be nice to have.” Then, regret it as I look longingly at the 12 Pro Max.

  16. I would have bought a 12 Pro Mini. I didn’t want to give up the third camera (yes, I actually do use all three lenses). I had no issues with the size and would have been happy to have a smaller phone after years with big ones. I can’t be the only one.

  17. I had one very briefly. I liked it. I wanted to like it more. It had some QA problems. Screen had a VERY green cast at low brightness. The camera bump on the back had white splotching on it that looked awful (I checked other display models at the Apple store and they didn’t have this issue). Overall it just didn’t feel like much of an upgrade from my X aside from the camera. I did miss the telephoto though.

    So I did the logical thing and exchanged it for a 12 Pro Max which has none of those issues and I’m much happier with overall.

    I hope they keep the line around. It’d be very compelling with a pro version and better QA.

  18. I think the mini name has something to do with it. If they can manage to pull the XR->11 move on the 13 mini naming it would do better. That said opposite to what most of this subreddit says most people still prefer a bigger phone with bigger battery

  19. I’m not surprised.

    There are THREE cheaper options. The similarly sized SE2 for $300 less, the bigger with great battery XR for $200 less, and the XR’s even better successor for $100 less.

    On top of that, all the 12s were delayed by at least a month, and the Mini by a month on top of that. In those 2 months, price-sensitive upgraders were able to jump on discounted XRs and 11s, while the SE2 had the small-iPhone market to itself for 7 months.

    The Pro Max was delayed as much as the Mini, but it has no competition in specs or size, plus there are still more fans of big phones than small phones, so it could afford to be delayed. The Mini could not, and would have probably still struggled anyway.

    This is a perfect storm of Apple offering more value than usual, with the first budget iPhone in 4 years AND the popular XR being kept around another year for only $499.

    I love the Mini and hope it has enough of a sales comeback to keep the line alive, but Apple’s strategy (4 current gen phones + 3 great value previous gen) plus events beyond Apple’s control (pandemic delays) combined for a 1-2 punch that put the Mini in a really tough spot. It hasn’t been able to carve out a clear or strong enough niche.


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