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iPhone 12 mini gross sales doubtless ‘disillusioned’ Apple

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iPhone 12 mini gross sales doubtless ‘disillusioned’ Apple

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  1. I thought it was popular in countries like Japan.

    But yeah, it cost too close to the iPhone 12 for most people to pick it up.

  2. I know a lot of people say they want smaller phones, but the ones I know IRL are also the ones who hold onto their device for years until it dies, and then complain about how expensive a new phone is.

    I am curious if the SE 2 has done better sales wise, it’s what my mother upgraded to.

    Personal anecdotes.

  3. The 12 Mini is in a weird spot with a very specific target group in my opinion. It’s someone who wants the hardware of a 12 but also specifically a smaller screen size.

    But the group that prioritizes screen size might not overlap with the group that prioritizes the latest hardware. For those that care about screen size, the SE is much cheaper and works fine.

  4. That’s funny.. I was going to upgrade to the 12 mini this coming Saturday.. I have the SE2020 now, and love that they made a smaller phone

  5. I’m glad I upgraded. I missed the original sharp edge design and the size of the original 5/SE, but now I get more screen thanks to bezels dying. I’m only sad that cases are still a near necessity because… glass

  6. I am willing to bet one of the top reasons, if not the only reason, Apple launched iPhone mini was to keep the starting price for the mid-range phones at USD $699. The iPhone 12 got a $100 price increase over its predecessor. The mini counteracts that. As someone else said, the higher ASP will be a win for Apple.

  7. I hope not. I fucking love my Mini and hope they keep the form factor. I’ll buy the same size next time too. And forever.

  8. The SE and Mini should not both exist. Mini at $500 would have been a monster. As it is, SE is an old persons phone and Mini is deeply unpopular

  9. I’m not too surprised there really. Those who want a small phone like this are very much in a minority. Quite a vocal one around here, but definitely a minority.

    I’d wager it’s also a decreasing minority. I’ve known quite a few people who have said they only want a small phone and would never want a big phone, they’ve then got a large phone for whatever reason and almost all have them vowed never to go back to a smaller phone. Obviously it’s not for everyone, but it’s pretty apparent the way the market is moving.

    Still, it’s good if apple can cater to more markets like this.

  10. That’s too bad. I have a X and if I were to upgrade, it’d be to a mini. Alas my X is running like a brand new phone and I can’t justify getting rid of it, there’s just not enough there to warrant an upgrade.

  11. Meh, this was predictable. I know this sub loves small phones but that ship has long sailed for most consumers. People want big phones.

    IMO Apple knew what they were doing tho and there won’t be an iPhone 13 Mini. For the 13 families they’ll go 13/Max and 13 Pro/Pro Max, the 12 Mini will hang around for a couple of years for those who want the smaller form factor or a cheaper entry point, and then it will become the SE 3.

  12. I suspect that Apple probably lost quite a few Mini sales to the “can’t wait for the Mini, so I’ll buy the 12 now” effect. If all four phones had shipped at the same time, I think they would have sold more of the Mini.

    I also suspect that the early reports of “poor battery life” affected things tremendously, despite the fact that apparently the Mini only has about an hour less battery than the 12.

  13. I think releasing the SE2 right before the mini was a mistake. Big overlap in target market: both cheaper and smaller than main line. SE2 only one gen behind mini.

    I was in the market for a mini but got an SE2 and love it so didn’t upgrade. But would have done so had SE2 not existed.

  14. I purchased the Mini in December and received a survey from Apple yesterday. Explicitly replied that size/form was #1 deciding factor in the purchase. I adjusted to the Mini so well that I sold it and using 2nd Gen SE as the daily.

  15. Strange, considering how this sub constantly downvoted me when I said that most people do not want a small phone and would not pick it over a larger iphone.

  16. I have always told people on this subject that iPhone SE had huge sales numbers more because of its price than anything else.

    A lot of teenagers have SE even though they hate the small screen size because they don’t want to have a different color bubble on iMessage.

  17. And the pro/pro max sold more than they expected. If anything I think they just overestimated how many of their customers made compromises when purchasing phones in 2020 due to COVID.

  18. I can’t help but wonder if (by Apple standards) they shot themselves in the foot by releasing both the small form factor new SE and the mini in the same year.

    It seems obvious that they had a reason to believe there would be market demand for a smaller form factor, but maybe they overestimated it, or perhaps cannibalized some mini sales with the new SE. If I was so excited about a small phone that I ran out to get a SE I’m probably not going to upgrade half a year later when the mini comes out.

    They probably should have launched the mini first if they wanted to get that extra $300 from people willing to pay more for a small phone and *then* launch the SE for the more budget conscious. However, the SE was already “late” and it only partially overlaps the mini, so I understand why they did it as they did. Over the coming years, I’d expect some small phone buyers to upgrade to the mini, should both phone continue on.

  19. I dont know why. I bought a 12 returned it, got the mini and I fucking love it. And whats more, Im android guy. The 12 mini is the best phone they put out in years.

  20. Damn. I got a 12 and was thinking of getting a mini. 12 just too difficult to use with one hand. This could be the death knell for the smaller iPhone going into the future.
    I think part of the problem is that Apple didn’t release the mini at the same time as the 12 and pro so a lot of people decided just to go with a regular 12.

  21. I don’t know why people are surprised. The people that wanted a mini were a very vocal minority. If that many people wanted small phone, big phones would have never become popular. Simple as that. People were literally making fun of Apple for years for selling such small phones.

  22. Of course they did. Reddit is obsessed with small phones but the truth is that the general public doesn’t care much about smaller phones. All things being equal, the bigger phone will always sell more than the smaller one. In fact, people will choose to pay a bit more for a bigger phone. That’s why the 12 Mini only accounts for 6% of total iPhone 12 series sales.

  23. While it may be popular on Reddit (the fringe of society), most consumers do not want such a tiny phone. The 5.8 in model was absolutely perfect for me. I hope they see how poor the mini is selling and bring back the 5.8in next year.

  24. The thing is, just a bunch of whining people online and literally no one else, likes the mini. Most people go with the 12 because it’s just much more value for money. You get a larger screen for better media and a better battery life. The price difference is just too small. It’s no wonder nobody cares for small phones, since there’s really no market for it. I remember when Apple did a survey on why people bought the SE, the biggest response was people who bought it because it was cheaper.


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