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iPhone 12 mini: Finest for individuals who don’t love telephones, however love what they’ll do

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iPhone 12 mini: Finest for individuals who don’t love telephones, however love what they’ll do

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  1. I have the 12 mini and its a great phone, I love it… If I had to change anything, I would prefer a telephoto over the wide angle lens.

    Or even more, just one normal lens for the mini, and use the extra space for more battery. But overall its a great great phone.

  2. off base analysis. i love phones AND what they do. i just wanted a size that i could easily use with my normal-sized hands. a size that i could put in the pocket of my running shorts and not worry about it falling out. a size i could slip in the back pocket of my jeans and not have it show.

    my wife has the regular 12 and it seems so big…so unwieldy in comparison… (maybe that’s why she uses as popsocket)

  3. Fans of the 12mini which case and screen cover do you prefer?

    Just switched from the iphoneX to the 12mini, and having to adjust many things to try and get comfortable with my new device as I was with my X

  4. The title here explains precisely why the 12 mini sales aren’t doing swell as Apple was hoping:

    The target market here is people who **don’t love** phones. These people typically won’t buy a new phone within the first quarter of it being announced.

    It’ll be a gradual curve and I think the mini will sell well in the long run.

  5. I’m debating whether to get a 12 mini, but my iPhone 8 is still going strong and I don’t know if i can justify spending the money since i don’t really need it.

  6. Lol don’t agree with this. I love phones, and I wish more than ever that I had gotten the 12 mini. Fully intend on getting the “13 mini”

  7. I also have the mini, and I also absolutely love it – best phone I’ve had in over half a decade! I actually was also most disappointed, when I tabbed the little “1x” button in the camera, and it zoomed OUT. 😀

  8. I love my big ass iPhones, but my mom loves phones like this. Thinking about getting her the 12 mini in Green…

  9. iPhone 12 mini is great for me and I love phones.

    Ultra wide is a great addition for me (coming from XS), camera quality is good enough that I don’t stress out about leaving my Sony RX100M6 at home when I have an opportunity for a shot, battery life is good enough but sometimes need a charge midday or when in a car and it does all things one needs and used to an iOS/Apple ecosystem… all in the package that fits in the pockets other ones wouldn’t!

    It’s a no-fuss iPhone that should be a damn default for many people.

  10. I love my iPhone mini 12 – finally a normal sized phone!!

    Battery life is of course not as great as bigger models but I feel like it has to do with 5G antenna draining more battery than 4G.

    I wonder what 12 mini battery life would be with only 4G.

    I hope more people get the mini – I think it’s great. I actually want to keep this phone for a while and just swap batteries every few years

  11. My father really wants an iPhone but can’t due to budget constrain and iphone X or SE just won’t cut it because of battery, he is the only one left in our house who doesn’t use an apple product

  12. Sure. I don’t love the material, I love what the material helps me achieve. But if you’d ask me I’d still say I love phones but hate impractical phones.

  13. Love the mini. My only complaint would be battery life, and I wish they could’ve given it a beefier battery. The Mini is small enough, some extra thickness wouldn’t have bothered me.

  14. I don’t get the title. But, I wonder if it also applies to the new SE, which is what I have. $250 plus fees for an iPhone 11 in the body and camera of an iPhone 8 with 128GB of storage. It’s… Well, it’s better than any Android phone out there, IMO, but I kinda want a Pro Max. Mainly I want the bigger screen but I also want AMOLED and the triple camera setup.

  15. I have the 12 mini, 12, and 12 Pro Max. I got the first two for free through some deals.

    After using all 3, I prefer using the Pro Max. Quick thoughts below:

    – The Mini is great if you’re the type who is always out and about and just wants to do something on the phone quickly and then you move on. It’s clear to me that apps are no longer designed for these smaller screens, since a lot of the interface takes up a proportionately higher percentage of the screen, leaving less room for content. Plus everything is smaller.
    – The standard 12 is a good in betweener, but I feel like it’s a little too big for my hands to comfortably use 1-handed. I found myself using it with two hands frequently, but the bigger screen size over the Mini is very noticeable and I feel like it’s enough canvas to spend a lot of time on. If it was my only iPhone, I would be perfectly content.
    – the Pro Max is my daily choice because I spend most of the day at home, and the bigger screen is definitely worth the extra size and weight. It’s really noticeable in the apps I use, and so that’s appreciated. I have a couple of iPads as well, but find myself using the Pro Max for most things, and I use my iPad Pro primarily for work stuff. But the Pro Max has a big enough screen where I can easily use it for work too (video conferencing, email, team chats, etc).

    If we were in a “normal” world and I was still going to the office daily, I would probably revert to using the standard 12 on most days, but we are where we are. Battery life isn’t that important to me either, mostly because I can charge whenever I need to, or I can just pickup a different iPhone.


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