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iPhone 12 Mini Faces Manufacturing Reduce On account of ‘Far Decrease’ Demand Than Anticipated

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iPhone 12 Mini Faces Manufacturing Reduce On account of ‘Far Decrease’ Demand Than Anticipated

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  1. > iPhone 12 mini demand has been so lackluster that Apple even asked some suppliers to temporarily stop building components specifically for the 5.4-inch device, according to Nikkei Asia.

    damn that’s pretty rough

  2. As much as I hate to hear that, I’m not surprised, in the slightest.

    It’s 2021. We, as a society, don’t care how comfortable the phone feels in the pocket, all we care about is how big the dicks on the screen gets.

  3. I’m sure Apple knew this going into the 12 line up. The base 12 model and the 12 Pro Max were going to be the money makers.. it’s just how it is every year.

  4. While I initially loved my mini. I just don’t have the same typing accuracy as my old bigger phones.

    That and the battery life is lackluster compared to the other larger iPhones. I thought I could get away with it but looks like I use my phone too much.

  5. I had a normal 12 and returned that and got a 12 Mini cuz the normal 6.1 inch screen was too large for me. While I like my Mini, I do wish there was something in the middle. Maybe bring back the 5.8 inch screen but in the newer design so the actual body is a little smaller than the 11 Pro.

  6. Maybe they can try producing interesting colors on the next version. The only decent actual color on the 12 Mini is red because it’s unapologetically red instead of this weird super pale pastel they have going on for green and blue.

  7. “Mini” will have a negative connotation with most people. It would be hard convincing the regular person that it’s the “same phone but smaller”. People will still think the regular is better because it has the bigger screen.

  8. phone without flagship components sells less than flagship phones with best technology

    it sold less because of the size


  9. I have an iPhone 12 mini.

    So far in the wild I’ve met 3 people with regular iPhone 12 Pro

    1 with a 12 Pro Max

    And just yesterday someone that got a mini a few days before (she has small hands and absolutely loves it)

    I’m sure Apple is just fine with the mini not being as popular as the other models.

    Probably part of the reason it’s taken them this long to add such a small phone to the lineup again.

  10. I would love a smaller iPhone than the regular but the mini is too small.

    I used a mini for 2 months and loved using it one handed but couldn’t use it two handed.

    If mini was similar size to 11 pro I’m in.

  11. Once again this sub learns they aren’t the majority. There’s a reason why phones keep getting bigger—people like and want them big. It’s a simple as that. I don’t understand how you can look at the trend of phones getting bigger, plus phone sales going up, and think, “hey, small phones are what most people want.”

  12. This is such a huge bummer to me. Love this phone. Hopefully they keep releasing it, just with a larger battery next time. The phone needs to be thicker, it doesn’t last long enough.

  13. Glad I got mine when I did, 12 mini is the perfect phone for me. I’m an average user and typically get over three hours of screen on time and more than 24 hours on a charge. And it quick charges, the battery life is quite good given its size. My wife scoffed at my mini until I got her the 12 Pro she wanted and she couldn’t believe how much heavier the Pro was than the mini. I think a lot of people pass judgment on the mini without having tried it, and with security tethers in stores you really don’t get a chance to pocket the phone or feel how light it is.

  14. I was 200 percent sure that those idiots who had been “wanting” it for long over the internet had no intentions of buying it. They just wanted to know how it would look like if Apple made it. Apple became a scape goat this time !!!!! I am sure dumbasses who really bought the mini would downvote me

  15. Conflicted. I was waiting for the 13 mini, but it sounds like 120hz is exclusive to the pro models anyway. I was going to wait and see if the 13 mini had anything new or at least a price drop on the 12 mini. But now I’m nervous if there 12 mini will be around.

  16. Just so it’s clear to the small phone haters out there:

    There’s no hypocrisy with the small phone users. We’re just a vocal minority that’s been underserved for 4-5 years now and we’re honestly fed up with the lack of options. We’re not advocating taking away big phones. We’re just advocating keeping a small phone option.

    I don’t know about others but I bought the 12 mini primarily for size. I will even upgrade to the 13/14 mini if it comes with touchID (this is my first face ID phone). The battery has been great, the camera’s amazing, the screen has a little off center green cast but otherwise is great. If there’s ONE complaint i have about it, it’s that the 12 mini is still too big. Make it more narrow and less wide.

  17. I hate big phones, iPhone 12 Mini is my favorite phone I’ve had in years. It’s still too big, I’d much prefer the size of an iPhone 4. Still for the life of me do not understand how people like carrying around a tablet.

  18. Can we stop with these trash articles please? It’s not news. One of the four phones has to be the least selling one, and it’s this one. Who cares, it’s not like Apple expected it to do well and it isn’t.

  19. They should rebrand to just iPhone (5.4”), iPhone plus (6.1”) and iPhone pro (whatever inches. I stopped counting because it’s just way too big), and not delay the launch by a whole month while also releasing the SE months ahead.

    The iPhone mini was set up to fail from the start. No one wants a phone called mini.

  20. Let’s face it.

    The iPhone 12 mini sold poorly for one reason: the iPhone SE (2020). Especially when the unlocked iPhone SE 256 GB sells at $549 and the unlocked iPhone 12 mini 256 GB sells at $879. And the iPhone SE is a more viable phone given COVID mask requirements making Face ID far less useful.

  21. This is just my gut feeling as someone who will definitely be buying a mini if they are available when I next upgrade; I am not a yearly upgrade person and the people who I see upgrade their phones often usually go for larger models. I intend to hold onto this phone for a while as there is nothing wrong with it and I feel like maybe people who like the mini size are eying it up but for an upgrade down the line.


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