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iPhone 12 mini Could Cease Getting Produced in Q2, 2021 As a consequence of Seemingly Weak Demand

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iPhone 12 mini Could Cease Getting Produced in Q2, 2021 As a consequence of Seemingly Weak Demand

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  1. I got mine and I’m really enjoying it. But I suspect most people would opt for either the bigger screen of the 12, or the cheaper SE.

  2. I hate clickbait nonsense like this. The iPhone 12 mini is the lowest demand out of the four models, but still makes up a significant percentage of device sales overall. Even at around 6-8% of device sales the iPhone 12 mini is set to sell around 24 million units by the end of the fiscal year. (That number derived from Apple selling a total of around 300 million iPhones this year)

    That means the iPhone 12 mini sells better than any Google pixel device ever, and better than most Samsung flagships. The iPhone 12 mini may be in the lowest demand, but it’s still selling well according to other reports.

    It’s like saying you’re selling two versions of a video game and one sells 10 million copies and the other sells 5 million so you cancel the “lower demand” version. That’s not how these industries work.

    Remember when these same analysts said Apple would “cancel” the iPhone X. 😂

    What’s likely happening with this report is Apple expected the iPhone 12 mini to sell in much higher volume and prepared a large stock inventory. It isn’t selling as well as expected, so Apple has plenty of inventory to drain going into the second quarter.

    That means Apple may slow or even stop production of the iPhone 12 mini in order to drain supply chain inventory. This also frees up those lines by summer to begin iPhone 13 production ramp up.

    The title isn’t necessarily wrong, it’s just how it paints the picture that is irritating. Then of course the article itself tells a story of gloom. At least they say that the 13 mini exists and didn’t attempt to say Apple would give up on the model entirely like some reports would.

    Anyway, just hate that these reports show up every year and never seem to capture the whole picture of Apple supply chain. They always paint such a terrible picture of failure and I don’t believe that reflects the reality of the situation.

  3. So the base iPhone is will start at 830 dollars…

    Edit: article says there will be a 13 mini. So I guess it’s not selling that poorly

  4. I love the 12 mini. I was hoping they would make a 13 mini pro but I guess the chances of that happening now are probably zero.

  5. I know its a full fledged very powerful iphone in a smaller shell.

    But the price being similar does not makes sense for 90% of the consumers. This and the battery life being shorter.

    It should be a little cheaper.

  6. People talk about how Reddit wants stuff that the mass market doesn’t want, and usually it’s with regard to features like the headphone jack. But looks like in this case it’s small phones. I know I remember all the comment threads leading up to the 12 mini launch saying “Apple needs to finally release a phone that’s *reasonably sized* and *just makes common sense* unlike the others, it’s what everyone’s been wanting all along!” And now that it’s launched and whenever there’s a thread about sales not doing so hot, those same commenters are like “…well I like it!”

    These are all anecdotes so take them with a grain of salt, but nobody I know actively wants a small phone when they’re shopping for one, and I know a good amount of people who both could not give less of a shit about technology and those who are extremely tuned in to the scene and browse Reddit tech subs. The latter wants a big phone to consume as much content as once, and I feel the same way (replaced my iPhone with a Galaxy Fold for that reason). The former wants a big phone because it’s easier to read stuff. I’ve seen people suggest that small phones are ideal for women since they have smaller hands, but all the women I know go for the biggest size since they can just put it in their purse (and usually the big phones have the best camera). Maybe two handing a phone isn’t as big of a hassle as people on the internet make it seem, and I’ve even not had problems one handing a phablet as long as I’m using the “pinky technique”.

    One thing a few people seem to miss on here was that the goal of the iPhone SE was to create a cheap phone, not a small phone. It just happened to be small since they were reusing the old chassis. When the 8 became the old chassis and the new SE became that, those few people somehow felt “betrayed” that Apple was turning their back on “reasonably sized phones”. All the people I know that actually had the old SE though (or the ones still using a 5) felt the size was the biggest downside and wanted to upgrade to a bigger phone as soon as they had the means to.

    Point is, all this pining over small phones is Peak Reddit. For some reason though, people don’t count that within the list of “approved Reddit feature stereotypes”, like headphone jack or USBC on the iPhone. I wonder why that is.

  7. I am looking at getting this. Does your screen flicker? I hear the 12 series has screen flickering. Anybody here have a 12 mini and experience this, eye strain etc… Feedback would be greatly appreciated.

  8. I’m still so surprised that they released the mini right after the SE got refreshed.

    There’s definitely a market for smaller phones but it’s not huge and people who really wanted one probably jumped on the SE when it got updated. So it’s just weird that they’d release another small phone so soon after.

  9. I love my mini, it’s the perfect phone for me. I’m fine with it being a once every 3-4 year option though, they don’t need to make a new one every year.

  10. My 12 Mini has ruined me. I can never go back to a larger phone. The Mini is just perfect to me in size and weight. I really hope they continue to produce the same form factor in future models.

  11. I’m glad I’ve got mine, I quite enjoy it, no complaints about battery from me. I will never share the obsession with gigantic phones

  12. It sells less than the other models, but does that mean it sells bad? It probably sells better than many smaller manufacturer’s main phones. And it fixes a problem in their pricing structure where people who wanted a small phone would buy their cheapest phone, now they can profit more of those customers.

  13. I’m considering changing my iphone 11 down to a iPhone 12 mini. I need to be sure the camera quality can be matched or is better though. Prepared to feel the wrath of having a small phone again

  14. I don’t have one because I have a perfectly functioning 10 but I hope they don’t get rid of it. I prefer smaller devices and would upgrade to a Mini when the time comes.

  15. Just shows you how irrelevant and out of touch with the mainstream that the loudest and most vocal whining on the internet has been.


    The VAST majority of people prefer bigger screens, and I’ve always had a feeling this kind of device wouldn’t do well, even if I may prefer the form factor myself. I suspect Apple has all the data in the world to be able to make a logical decision about whether its worth continuing production or not.

  16. Dang. My 12 mini is my favorite iPhone. I would buy this form factor indefinitely with each new chip generation.

    _e spelling: bee → new._

  17. LOL. This sub was rife with talk of the iPhone 12 Mini being a no-brainer and how we were suddenly going to see all the Android manufacturers start knocking it off to produce small form factor premium phones.

  18. Just got mine and it’s fantastic. Smaller than a 6S chassis but with a bigger screen and all the guts of the regular 12 series models.

  19. i absolutely love my 12 mini. i don’t plan on upgrading for another 3 years and if there is no mini then it’s gonna be a hard sell for me.


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