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iPhone 12 — Fumble

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iPhone 12 — Fumble

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  1. Funny concept but the fact that it falls on sand in the end kind of defeats the whole purpose of the ad.

    It needs to fall on concrete or asphalt for the ad to be meaningful.

  2. Halfway through, I thought “it’s going to land on a patch of grass and be fine.” Sand….I was close. Of course it didn’t break after it landed in sand.

  3. The sound could have been different. Feeling totally foreign with this sound. Apple should do better than this.

  4. And dropped in the dirt…

    I literally dropped my 12pro on the concrete yesterday and the back shattered. I don’t doubt that the Ceramic Shield is better, but it’s still glass.

  5. Me: “Ok, will you allow screen breaking/cracking to be fixed free under warranty then?”

    Apple: “Lol no.”

    My regular reminder to check consumer protection laws in your country and use them wherever possible.

  6. Well this is bullshit I dropped my 12 mini from waist height and it slid across my kitchen floor (linoleum) a few feet and it has a huge deep scratch across the whole screen. I’ve had an iPhone since the first one and never used cases. Never seen a screen scratch so easily. I should really take it in cause I feel it’s defective, I got small scratches the very first day of owning it as well.

  7. Actually really reflects the emotions and anxieties and heave of relief when you see everything’s ok. You check every corner and peer at the edges and glass through the reflection of the light 😂

  8. yeah now it just has a bunch of deep micro scratches that makes you want to videogame yourself in real life when using it sunlight or well-lit places.


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