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iPhone 12 demand beating expectations – but extra proof

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iPhone 12 demand beating expectations – but extra proof

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  1. I think this is normal. The iPhone 12 lineup is the first that supports 5G worldwide. And in my opinion also the success of the iPhone 12 mini contributes.

  2. The 12 is a great upgrade from any phone before the 11. The battery life upgrades, redesigned body… unfortunately the MagSafe feature is quite gimmicky as a deciding factor. The 12 feels like the 11s of iPhones.

    13 imo would be the generational leap we all want if they bring in an LTPO display and extend the lidar to all the models.

    Edit: people seem very hung on the fact that because the phone has the box design, that it’s a generational leap. Let me remind among the battery life being the same if not better on the 11 series, the hardware upgrades across the board are nominal. Camera has tiny improvements and mostly software based (night mode portraits), new LTE bands for faster speeds (which is definitely an improvement upgrade), faster wireless charging(and new accessory option) and the lidar. I’m not arguing that the 11 is better, but does this really constitute as a generational leap we’ve seen from things like the 8 plus > X?

  3. All I really care about is getting the max for the space. My phone is generally my primary driver for a lot of things and I listen to a lot of music and podcasts as well. I’m curious when they’ll start pushing into the terabyte ranges.

  4. This is anecdotal and I definitely don’t have statistics to back it but….I have a lot of friends who just like me, have been holding onto their iPhone X for this particular model. For most of them, they were waiting for 5G. I didn’t really care about the 5G as much as the form factor. I always loved the 4-5s with the flat sides.

  5. IMO, all the hate people give apple about not being “innovative”… what I think is truly happening is, all these other phone manufacturers are producing phones they know are not as well rounded as the competitors, in hopes that the big dogs will pick them as supplier for the big dog’s phones. But since they need to cover cost of R&D in the mean time, they might as well make “cool” looking phones, that sucker people after the coolness factor, only to upgrade a year later because the phone isn’t as well optimized. But that’s just my suspicion…

  6. This year thanks to covid the pro lineup is especially hard to reach. I know that the pros are hard to reach thanks to three main reasons. Covid, more preorers than usual and apple cant produce enough units again thanks to covid because most factories arent working at full capacity. I work at an eastern europe apple store and pro models are still not available unless preordered. Waiting time is aprox. a month or two. I ordered my normal pro before it was even on the preorder list and still didnt recieve it. So i got a Pro Max because it was less ordered and on the shelf somehow and honestly, because of my huge hands, im quite happy with my choice. I think why most want the pro is mostly due to the better build quality and better colors. I wanted the pacific blue one and got it, altough it is the most wanted color.

  7. Upgraded from a X. Got a great trade in too for my X. Only paid 400 bucks for my beautiful blue 12. It’s a great phone. My only gripe is that I have to put a case on it. It looks sooooo nice without one. I just know it will stay in nicer shape if I keep this stupid clear otter box case on it.

  8. I got the 12 mini after coming from the SE. I’d always wanted full screen in a small form factor and it knocked it out the park for me. My daughter has taken a shine to it so we bought her one which was delivered today.

  9. I pre-ordered the iPhone 12 PM on release from Curry’s PC World and now, 3 months later, I still haven’t had it. Yeah. I think there’s a demand problem :’)

  10. I love the fact that everyone is upgrading!!

    My dad did-and to my astonishment he KEPT his 11ProMax 256-which he gave to me!!!!!

    7 32GB to 11ProMax 256GB literally is blowing my mind!!!!!!

  11. I switched from a Pixel 3a to 12 Pro and honestly, I love it more than I thought I would. I switched primarily because of longer support and privacy anything that pisses off Facebook I love.

  12. Went from an S9+ to a 12 since I was curious about all the buzz coming from people with iPhones. No complaints so far! Sure, some features I miss from the other side, but nothing major.

  13. I’ma bet that the iPhone 13 sales would dip. A lot of the people who upgrade every 4-5 years now have the iPhone 11/12 and I don’t think they’ll be upgrading again soon

  14. Also design is playing a big role resulting in the best selling 5G smartphone of 2020. Because, we can all agree about the fact that we loved the iPhone 5S. Basically it is one but way better tech under the hood.

  15. It’s a nice design change but pretty disappointed in the specs. They added 5G which made it more future proof but didnt upgrade the 4GB RAM to 6GB and 64GB storage to 128GB storage in the base models. With the Pro version they didnt add a 120hz display likely because of battery drain problems due to 5G.


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