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iPhone 12 – 6 Months Later | iPhonedo

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iPhone 12 – 6 Months Later | iPhonedo

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  1. Dang. So slick. I think I might be convinced to wait for iPhoneDo’s iPad pro review to decide…

  2. The transitions he makes are really something else. Such an underrated reviewer. Excellent video production and a great reviewer.

  3. Debating on just upgrading now to a 12 pro max… can’t wait for the 13, my X is more frustrating to use than convenient.

  4. Is this guy in his senses?
    Who tf would want their viewers to gasp for air while watching their videos.
    His production quality is insane. This guy is the solo version of Team Crisp.
    Never heard of him before.
    IphoneDo, I subscribed to this guy.
    Mad production there.

  5. Between this review and the purple release, 12 mini looking kinda tempting… Too bad I really don’t have a reason to upgrade from iPhone X yet.

  6. Great review. I agree the Mini is great, I still gave it to my wife and went back to my 8 plus, simply because of the touchId and me having to wear a mask the whole day. I wasn’t a fan of faceId to begin with for security reasons, but that’s another story. Here is me hoping the 13 will have touchId again.

  7. I can’t tell the difference between this and my iPhone X. Actually, that’s a lie. I lost force touch. This phone is a downgrade but my old phone’s screen was shattered and Apple wanted like $500 to fix it.

  8. Greatest thing about the iPhone mini.

    The size
    The cameras
    The screen
    The colour (I went blue)

    So happy with this phone.

    If the rumours are true and there’s no mini in 2022, *and* Touch ID comes back to the iPhone via under display *and* Apple does an orange colour option. I’ll buy a 13 mini also.

    Pity because I wanted to get into a once ever 2-3 years iPhone cycle.

  9. 12 Pro Max since launch and i’m at 97% and i’m pretty heavy on my phone. Can’t really complain, it does have a good battery life.

  10. Lots of people praising the video’s quality, but I feel like there’s way too much fluff
    Example: 6 minutes in, the only information we’ve got is regurgitated spec lists.

  11. I would be down for the Mini if it had the full camera array, just too important for me to pass up.

    Hoping the 13 has the image stabilization of the Max in base Pro, because not a fan of the size and plan to upgrade next year.

    Also wonder if they will change up naming convention to avoid the number ’13’.

  12. Damn, I don’t even need it but this video makes me want to go buy an iPhone tomorrow lol. Apple should hire this dude.

  13. I am lucky to have a job where I get to use all the iPhones.. in my mind the iPhone 12 Pro was the best of the lineup. I loved the mini but the missing zoom camera was a letdown and I couldn’t get through the day with the small battery. The 12 pro max was way to big for pockets, so for me, the 12 Pro was the sweet spot. Battery to last a day, not massively bigger than the mini, fits in the pocket.

  14. I really really hope they continue the mini line. I’m not ready to upgrade yet though. I spend most my computer time on a desktop, not on a phone all day so the mini suits me.

  15. I personally feel 5.8 inch iPhones were sweet spot. Neither too large nor too small.

    I hate the Apple for shifting to 6.1 inch from 5.8 inch.

    iPhone mini is too small for people like me.

    Now we either have to settle for big ones or small ones. There’s no sweet spot.
    Same for Android also, lots of companies are giving up on 5.8 inch displays.

    I still feel there’s a lack of compact phones even after the launch of iPhone Mini.

    There’s a difference between “Compact” and “Mini”. I don’t think iPhone Mini will meet the needs of the person who is looking for compact smartphones.

  16. This guy needs to be hyped I have been watching him for almost a decade and he puts so much thought into his videos. Go iPhoneDo!

  17. The 12 mini is my all time favourite iPhone, and I couldn’t really place why until now: it’s because despite the increase in iPhone screen sizes, iOS does very little with the extra real estate. In fact, most of the UX remains the same as it did since the launch of the first iPhone.

    Steve Jobs had an idea of the perfect size of phone, and that iOS was designed around that idea. Using the mini certainly feels this way- that this is the size of device Apple really wants to build and sell.

    And I say this as someone who’s used almost all iPhones since the 4S.

  18. I have a iPhone 7. I’m wondering whether a bigger iPhone 12 will be ok for me, since I want a bigger screen (bigger than in 7). However, since mini already has a bigger screen, I cannot choose. What do you guys recommend?

  19. FYI, I’ve been using my 12 mini since launch without a screen protector and I do have a bunch of scratches on the screen. Nothing that would bother me, but clearly visible with enough light. It’ll like reduce the resell value.


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