HomeUncategorizediPhone 11, iPhone 12 dominate Apple's US gross sales, cheaper fashions battle

iPhone 11, iPhone 12 dominate Apple’s US gross sales, cheaper fashions battle

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iPhone 11, iPhone 12 dominate Apple’s US gross sales, cheaper fashions battle

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  1. ”Cheaper” models! lol
    700 euro/dollars is not cheap!
    iPhone 12 800
    iPhone Mini 700
    Apple has a very twisted sense of money value.

  2. Ive got 2 grandkids that got SEs last year. 1 was before 12’s release, the other was purchased by the other grandparents that didn’t know to get a 12 mini.

  3. I don’t get it, the 12 Mini is a great package. Great formfactor, great quality screen, all the same features as the fully sized 12 at a lower price. But actually pocketable.

  4. I wonder if the cheaper phones would’ve done better if the carriers weren’t offering payment plans on the more expensive ones?

  5. I don’t know why the XR is even in the lineup tbh, just manufacture the SE and 11 for the people who don’t want to spring for the newest model

  6. I think the reason why the Mini doesn’t sell well is because most people who were waiting for a smaller iPhone just bought an SE cause it came out a year before the mini. My next phone will probably be the mini if they make it the SE 3 and keep the chips updated. I prefer touch id as well.

  7. I still have my iPhone X, going on 3 years now. Its been rock solid and still has outstanding battery life. Unless the 13 has some really nice features or the battery stops holding a charge there is no need for me to upgrade. I can just get a new battery for this.

  8. I have the Galaxy Note 10 +
    But I must admit, the iphone 12 is pretty sexy, makes me wanna upgrade to it ngl 😳

  9. I have the 11 and it is basically a perfect fit for me. I adore this thing and the screen is super nice. I also have a 2018 iPad Pro and I still like this screen. Everything always works and the chipset is balls powerful.

  10. I’m still on an iPhone6 and aside from poor battery life I have zero reason to upgrade. Phone still works great and is pretty snappy.


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