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Inexperienced tint is even worse in iOS 14.5 beta 7. iPhone 12 Professional Max.

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Inexperienced tint is even worse in iOS 14.5 beta 7. iPhone 12 Professional Max.

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  1. Do you have pictures of what it looked like before this beta? Also, what brightness is the phone in that pic? Just curious.

  2. My 12 Pro Max only has black flickering issue which was fixed since earlier 14.5 Beta builds.

    I think you should just try to send to Apple Store to get it replaced. This problem might be not be fully fixed with software update anytime soon.

  3. What app is this?

    EDIT: why am I getting downvoted for asking what app it is? I use the official Reddit app, not Apollo.

  4. My 12 pro max has zero screen issues. This seems like a hardware defect probably a bad batch, its normal and needs to be returned. They called it the “screen lottery” and you might have to swap multiple times to get a perfect one.

  5. I’ve had this before on an iPhone X. Would go away a few minutes after turning on (right when i tried to take a photo). Maybe you can try restarting your phone more often, turning off true tone (not sure if it helps) or what i did, wait for another update (including even leaving the beta)

  6. Had the same issue on my 11 Pro, it lasted until iOS 14.0 before it just silently went away. I was convinced that it was a hardware thing, but updates fixed it eventually. It’s just a waiting game.

  7. Surely sepia (kinda yellowy brown) + black will produce a kind of dark olive green anyway?! The bottom bar with the icons in it is proper black. Have you checked how it looks in other apps??

  8. Took mine to Apple a couple of weeks ago and they told me to do a factory reset, to “delete and stop using any apps that could be altering the display (??? Is that possible lol?), and that software might fix it in the future” but we also have a two year statutory warranty here in Aus so if it’s not fixed by iOS by the end of the year I’m taking it in again lol.

    Most companies will make it “your fault” until it’s undeniably “their fault” which is understandable but this is a widespread and well-documented issue. If Apple can’t fix it through an iOS update six months after release, something has got to give..


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