Home Uncategorized Hidden iPhone 12 {Hardware} Characteristic Might Nonetheless be Unlocked

Hidden iPhone 12 {Hardware} Characteristic Might Nonetheless be Unlocked

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Hidden iPhone 12 {Hardware} Characteristic Might Nonetheless be Unlocked

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  1. Virtually any wireless charger could be used in reverse. It’s not really a secret feature any more than it’s a secret feature you could use like, the microphone as a speaker or something. Lots of electronic components are somewhat reversible.

  2. I was just remembering the bizarre thing in 2007 when Apple sold a $5 firmware update to make 802.11n work and blamed banking regulations.

  3. I wonder how efficient this would be at transferring power. From what I have seen most wireless charging pads are slow so I would thing from a phone it would be even worse.

  4. Is this the same as the FM radio that all the iPhones *definitely* had that just needed to be unlocked and probably would at some point that, well, never actually became anything.

    Still waiting to be able to access those 12 crappy stations that could be available to me in almost decent quality…

  5. relax. I don’t really care to debate the specs. it’s just interesting to see Apple hasn’t deployed this when the S10 had it active nearly two years ago.

    it’s just a phone. nothing to get worked up about.


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