HomeUncategorizedHermès has unique $699 AirTag Journey Tag, $570 iPhone 12 MagSafe case

Hermès has unique $699 AirTag Journey Tag, $570 iPhone 12 MagSafe case

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Hermès has unique $699 AirTag Journey Tag, $570 iPhone 12 MagSafe case

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  1. If my annual income were maybe three or four times what it is, I’d probably be in the market for this stuff.

    I’ll just keep using my Apple leather case like the plebe I am.

  2. There is a level of wealth one can get to where you start actively looking for things to spend your money on. This is one of those things.

  3. Alixpress $6,99 and $5,70 (+ a gift and 2 coins).

    As soon as it arrives you put it in the drawer and you don’t even use it.

  4. incredible to find people in the comments of that article that seem to have never heard of a concept of “paying for brand” and blatant price jacking

  5. I don’t care how wealthy I get, I’m never wasting my money on frivolous trinkets like this.

    These exist for the sort of people who measure their worth as a person against the financial strength of others.

  6. Manny Khoshbin is going to be all over these. Or he’ll talk to Hermès to have some custom ones made to have them match the cars they’ve done for him.

  7. I can’t believe Apple actively advertises any Hermes products on their website. It’s such a slap in the face to customers, and it’s done purely to make apple appear like a luxury company when anyone and their cat can get an IPhone if they want.

    Some of the business decisions they’ve been making in the past few years really show where the top minds at Apple are focused, and it isn’t on providing their customers with the best experience possible anymore.

  8. Assuming these are hand made with expensive materials. Can’t be mass produced, I understand the high price. Not to mention cheaply made mass produced otter box’s aren’t cheap either considering what they are.


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