Home Uncategorized Henry Ford Cardiologists Discover Apple iPhone 12 Magnet Deactivates Implantable Cardiac Units

Henry Ford Cardiologists Discover Apple iPhone 12 Magnet Deactivates Implantable Cardiac Units

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Henry Ford Cardiologists Discover Apple iPhone 12 Magnet Deactivates Implantable Cardiac Units

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  1. I mean yeah it’s not ideal but it’s also not really a surprise. CIEDs have magnet modes. Put something with a magnet directly on a CIED-> it goes into magnet mode-> shockedpikachu.jpg

  2. I mean, as long as you’re not keeping it on the aicd for a long period it’s probably fine. Almost all of the magnet modes revert to the prior settings when the magnet is removed.

  3. Sorry but this is to say that a strong magnet does what a strong magnet does? You’re supposed to keep all phones away from your pacemaker to my knowledge?

  4. A simple ***reed switch***? Seriously? An electromechanical bit that just reacts to the binary ***presence*** of a magnetic field? How do you even….

    In retrospect it seems obvious that there should be an induction coil in there that has to detect a magnetic pulsed ***code*** that can’t be arrived at by accident. And maybe if you want to flex some security, make the code device-specific and tattoo it on the patient’s chest & medical file.

  5. My husband’s grandfather just got out of the hospital for something like this. Always keeps his smart phone in the chest pocket of his shirt. Crazy.

  6. I had a case with a 37 yo male with pleuritic CP. I ordered an ECG and the nurse comes running up to me with ecg that the computer was reading a STEMI and asking if we should activate the cath lab. The ECG looked bizarre and I suspected some type of electrical interference.
    I pulled the sheet down from the patient to look at all the leads and noticed a huge android phone the Pt was clutching in his left hand. I removed the phone and repeated an ecg, which showed a completely normal sinus bradycardia. I had the case published in one of those throwaway journals.

  7. it doesn’t shut it off totally. magnets shut off the sensing capability and it switches to a set heart rate. most magnets would do this if they are strong enough. it would also turn off the ability to shock if it was an AICD (because that relies on sensing an abnormal heart rhythm.)

  8. This is actually the patient teaching we have been giving people as long as I’ve been an EP nurse. Up until now, it hasn’t been that important. If people follow their instructions, it will not be an issue.

    And to reiterate what others have said about the magnet, 99.9% of the time everything goes back to normal. And the simplicity of the system is for emergency situations and needs to be universal. Also, it’s important that it’s a physical thing that doesn’t require much device logic because once a device battery is very low, you still want this function to be available, even if other features (like using a programmer) are not.

  9. My father was in the emergency room for over 12 hours maybe longer I can barely remember but it was excruciating for him as his pacemaker was going off and shocking him every couple minutes but he screamed like a baby. This man is a man’s man and he was reduced to screaming like a baby every few minutes sometimes closer together. All night long. The manufacture of the pacemaker is the only one that’s allowed to come to that hospital and deactivate the pacemaker with a magnet. The person who is supposed to bring the magnet covered several states and was only one person.

    I have never in my life send anyone goes to something quite like that for so long waiting on one person to bring a magnet with the hospital should’ve had a magnet to take the pain away and just a mere second.

    Had I known the magnet of a telephone could have stopped his pain I would’ve slapped my phone on his heart so quick it would make your head spin

    Edit: my mother said it was way longer than 12 hours he went in in the afternoon and the next morning the guy finally arrived by 9:30 am with magnet

  10. Yikes. I’m reading this wearing one of several zip ups I have that now place the phone pocket right over the heart. I don’t have any cardiac concerns… but these jackets with a button down are old white guy standard issue uniforms these days.

  11. Wow. This reminds me of a story I was told re: the early pacemakers and the low-level radar along the New Jersey shore. There were a series of single car fatalities over the early years of pacemakers until someone noted the radio-frequency of the low-to-the-ground radar was enough to turn off the poorly shielded pacemakers. In my first cardiology NP job, the MD I partnered with told me the story of a retired DPS investigating the string of accidents along the New Jersey turnpike over the years, and figuring out they all had pacemakers. I never found a source to back up his dogged CSI-like DPS figure, but I have known that it is possible for a focused radar to reset the early type of pacemakers. Article discussing this attached.



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