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Guys , I’ve had my iPhone 12 since launch. Surprisingly I’m on 100% battery well being. I need to maintain it this manner. Anybody bought any ideas ?

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Guys , I’ve had my iPhone 12 since launch. Surprisingly I’m on 100% battery well being. I need to maintain it this manner. Anybody bought any ideas ?

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  1. Download 3uTools on PC and plug it in, the health will be more accurate and will tell you the charge cycles. Advice to keep it health is not to leave it on charge when it’s 100%, I set mine on a times for 3 hours and then it auto switches off.

  2. +1 here. 100% battery health and iPhone12 since launch. Nothing really “different” from any of my previous iPhones

  3. I dug into this when I got my 12 a few months ago. The biggest thing that kills it is heat. So limit activities that heat it like intensive gaming and stuff, and DON’T take it out to the beach/park/etc. on a hot sunny day. Extreme cold is also bad, but not as big an issue as heat.

    Second biggest thing is don’t run the battery down to 0%. Also, don’t charge it to 100% for no reason. Basically every battery has a limited number of times it can be charged, so hovering in the 40-80% range is good, but running it down and charging it way up is bad.

    Edit: Several have pointed out that, yes, charging to 100% daily/overnight is fine. I’m talking about obsessively keeping it at 100 for no reason. Maintaining a mid-level charge (40-80%) is the least-taxing on the battery health.

  4. Just charge the phone overnight, I am doing this on my iphone 12 since the beginning and it is still 100% my battery health

  5. Since I WFH, I have a home automation that disables my wireless chargers (bedroom and living room) when the battery hits 80%, and enables it when it hits 40% since the optimal zone to keep a battery in is 40-80. When I start going back out, I’ll probably adjust the automation by date accordingly.

  6. I haven’t treated my 12P battery the best (mostly letting it drop to 15% every other day) yet I’m still at 100% capacity after having it since November. My old 8 Plus would’ve already been at 95 at that point

    Also many new devices come out with higher battery capacities than mentioned (for instance, I checked mine on coconut battery and my capacity was 104). I think it’s still draining slowly but since it’s only shows up to 100 on iOS it’ll look like it’s not changing

  7. 11 Pro Max here since Dec 2019 showing 100% still. I only use wireless charging at home and use CarPlay to and from work.

  8. I’m also on 100% since launch. I hope is not just an Apple stunt. My advice is charge it between 20% and 80%. I also use a 10W charger as I’m not in a hurry. For my case that 60% charge is plenty to get me through the day on one charge.

  9. Here are some Battery saving tips:

    1. When you are using your iPhone to make calls or send text messages, even when checking social media, make sure to keep it unplugged from the charger unless you really have to use it.

    2. If you do manage to deplete your battery to a critical mark, make sure you plug it as soon as possible. Completely drained batteries get damaged faster.

    3. If you are not using your iPhone and happen to be near a power source, whether it’s wired or wireless, put your phone on charge. It’s completely fine. Charge your iPhone in small increments as needed

    4. Try and make sure that the battery does not drop below the 75% mark that often, even if it does, keep the 60% mark as a benchmark for ‘critical.’ This might sound a little absurd, but if you’re following the above tips religiously then it shouldn’t be a problem. Occasional drops below that point are fine though just make sure it is not often

    5. Do not charge your iPhone in extreme weather. You’ll only do harm to your phone’s battery. If it’s too cold, put it in a case or a pocket during charge to keep it in the ‘room temperature’ zone. If it’s too hot, keep it well ventilated.

    6. As much as possible, do not use 3rd party chargers and only use apple certified chargers

    7. Take off your iPhone case while charging

    8. Keep your iPhone away from direct sunlight/ heat

    Hope this helps.

  10. Don’t let it charge over 80% and don’t let it go under 20%

    That’s what I’ve seen posted frequently under this same question. I’ve been doing it since launch day, my 12 Pro is still at 100% capacity.

  11. Maybe it’s cause I’m relatively new to the iPhone scene but are we really praising and questioning a 4-5 month only device *having* a healthy battery? For £1000 I’d better hope it has a healthy battery after such little time…

  12. My iPhone 12 Pro Max (Pacific-Blue, 256GB) at 100% battery health. I leave it plugged in when using it at the office or at home. & I only use it unplugged if I’m out & about.

  13. I just checked mine, and it’s at 100%

    I’ve only charged it using some little stand I got at a best buy. It’s not the fastest, but my phone sits on my office desk for hours on end, so it’s basically always 100

  14. Not really you do what you doing. It will go down after whatever full chargers are. The phone will act weird at 85. I change my own battery so I don’t care much.

  15. Bro watch brandon butch’s 30 minute vod on how to save battery life which will result in even better lifespan bcs then u will have to charge it less cycles. Dont watch the whole vid, theres a nice guy who timestamped everything in the comments it should be the top one. Most notable hardware tip i remember is keep ir phone batter 40%-80%, ideally from 50 to 80. Cheers 🥂


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