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Gtfo. T-Drive simply gave me a FREE iPHONE 12! T-Cell has the very best customer support I’ve ever seen! Particulars within the feedback.

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Gtfo. T-Drive simply gave me a FREE iPHONE 12! T-Cell has the very best customer support I’ve ever seen! Particulars within the feedback.

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  1. On the Saturday before Mother’s Day, I took advantage of the promotion for a free iPhone 12 with trade in of an iPhone 8. I ordered a green iPhone 12 Mini.

    Overnight, I developed buyer’s remorse. The Mini was going to be too small for me. Besides, I wanted the purple color, anyway, which had been unavailable for the Mini, but was available for the regular 12.

    On Mother’s Day morning, I chatted T-Force. I told them I had ordered an iPhone the day before, but had buyer’s remorse and wanted to change the model I ordered. Even though the item hadn’t shipped yet, Tforce told me it was too late. I could wait until I received the Mini, return it, and then order the model I wanted.

    But I pointed out the Mother’s Day promo would be over by that point.

    So Tforce placed the order for the purple iPhone 12 for me on the spot and told me to return the Mini when I got it. When they received the returned Mini, they would apply the credits to the purple 12.

    Both items arrived last week. I returned the Mini without even opening it. I got the text this morning that my return had been received. I went to my online account. WTF? My bill had increased by ~$30, the amount of an iPhone 12 EIP. I drilled down into some details of my bill, but I couldn’t make heads or tails of whether the credits had been applied correctly.

    So I message Tforce again trying to get someone to explain my bill to me. After examining my bill and chat history, the rep says the previous rep did not attach the trade-in correctly and they cannot honor the promotion. But because this wasn’t my fault, **she was going to cancel out the EIPs on the purple 12 within 24 hours!** I wouldn’t get credits on the phone anymore, but I wouldn’t get EIPs, either! My new iPhone was free!

    T-Mobile rules!

  2. That happened to my son when he got I believe it was an iPhone 7 free promo that was not applied at the store. One of the reasons I stay with them, even with all the growing pains and aggravations in the last couple of years

  3. I had an issue with my Apple Watch Series 6 upgrade (was being charged for both and they didn’t process it as an upgrade of my existing watch but a new line).

    I called in and was upset, but without a hesitation the manager told me that they would cancel the EIP on my Series 5.

    Honestly was shocked. 10/10

  4. Helps to always have things in writing for issues like this. If this was done through a phone call, you’d have no proof that a rep messed up.

    Lesson: Always use T-Force

  5. Happened with me too with the OnePlus 8t +. Had issues with the first phone so they sent a replacement but instead of cancelling the EIP they gave me credit for the full phone

  6. Oh my god yes! I have been dealing with Apple Support since May 1st, getting disconnected by the reps, not getting callbacks. Took them two weeks to escalate to a “senior representative” who’s so far wasted another 2 hours of my time and scheduled another call back for tonight on top of the other 7 hours spent doing the same troubleshooting over and over… end rant

    Anyway, I got so pissed that after 17 years, 6 of which were spent working for Apple, I switched my Mac to boot camp only and bought into the free android deal. I had some issues with connection speeds, T-Mobile entry level rep tested and did something on their network, didn’t work, escalated immediately and ultimately offered to remove the data charges due to network slowdowns through the 5G roll out.

    T-Mobile has the best support in any industry in the US. They make it seem like they are grateful for your business and go out of their way to make the customer feel that way.

  7. A few years ago I had an issue with a BOGO Galaxy S7 during ordering. Since it was not my fault, they made both phones free. T-Mobile customer service has been top notch for me so that’s why I continue to be a customer.

  8. Glad this happened to you. Same thing happened with me but they made me purchase another 12 and process the trade in correctly, and I also had to lay out about $500 because at that point, I was over the financing limit on my account. Just stupid.

  9. When my transfer from Verizon with our current phones didn’t go through correctly (so I only got one prepaid card with one EIP amount to pay off at Verizon) they gave me a bill credit equal to the amount of the second device.

    Their customer service is why I came back to T-Mobile

  10. congrats man, my trade in deal wasnt nearly as amazing as yours but mine couldnt be traded in because i had just paid it off. after much complaining they did it manually, but as a lump sum of paying of the iphone 12. couldnt believe it, no bill credits etc, i outright traded an iphone 11 in for an iphone 12.

    It didnt hurt tmobiles bottom line at all for my interaction, yet only makes me feel so much better about a company that does care about its customers.

  11. I was able to call at 11pm because I had an issue doing eSIM activation online. My Business phone broke and I needed it at least working so I can receive calls.

    Even their overseas care is surprisingly good. I believe it’s because the reps get way more leeway and tools at their disposal. Working previously as a Verizon store rep, we had limited tools and a convoluted process to get anything done correctly.

    I typically use T-Force for assistance, but surprisingly Business Customer Care is very good. I’d advise anyone who has literally any side hustle apply for a business account. Consider the pros and cons, but man. The customer service is enough to keep me for life.

  12. Yeah, T-Force has helped me out several times, once or twice when they arguably shouldn’t have. They really do seem to be empowered to do almost anything to make customers happy and, honestly, always seem happy to do so… maybe that’s just good “call-center facade”, but whatever, I like it, corny though they can be sometimes!

  13. From someone who works at another company notorious for it’s horrible customer service, this is a competitive advantage.

    I can’t get a single credit approved for more than 9$ at a time.

  14. Yeah a few years ago they gave me a free Galaxy S9+ because some issues that they said we’re resolved came back.

  15. Tforce rocks, couple months ago I took advantage of of the S21 after trade in..I actually ordered a S21 ultra, 800 off with trade,but the next day I contaced 5force and said I needed to cancel, because I was going to order from Samsung, which had it cheaper. Tmob offered a $190 statement credit to keep order, which made it damn close to nothing after trade in.. a great deal

  16. An employee took my phone for trade in with me under the impression that I was getting a $300 rebate but got nothing, because it couldn’t be combined with another offer, even though they told me it could be.

    All T-Force did was give me $30 for the phone

  17. This is why I stand T-Mobile. Sure, they have their issues and recent ones are a big pain sometimes, but they’re the best carrier I have been with and worked for. I’ve been with every carrier except AT&T, I refuse to do that, and I have worked for Verizon and currently work for T-Mobile. T-Mobile wins in every department for me

  18. I spoke to TF after responding to a Sievert tweet about the 20% hookup discount. Didn’t get the discount, as my SC plan ended up still being cheaper. However they did send me a 11 Pro Max as a thanks for my 15+ years with them. They definitely take care of folks.

  19. I had a very similar issue with a previous order on a much cheaper phone for a promo that was only worth $250 but I had to spend hours over several days going back and forth with several reps and their supervisors before I could get it fixed so I don’t think it’s always that way to get these things resolved.

  20. Awesome! I was in the same situation, and T-Mobile issued me a $830 lump sum credit for the phone. Pretty great tbh, haven’t had to pay the bill in months! T-force is the best.

  21. Wow, the same happened to me where the iPhone 12 was ordered without the promo attached. I kept calling 611 and CS emailed me a UPS return label. I sent in my iPhone 8 trade in, and still did not receive the promo until I contacted T-Force who reimbursed my account for $830. Wish I had contacted T-Force first and keep my iPhone 8…

  22. I got the Samsung galaxy s21 when they had the offer for a free trade in. I really don’t like the phone but can’t afford to pay it off and get a new one. I totally wish I had held off so I could get an iPhone 12. Especially a purple one.💜
    I’m so glad you were able to get your phone for free.

  23. I remember when Assurant couldn’t send me a non-5G variant Note 10+ that had the maximum storage, 512 I think. And they send me the 5G variant with the lowest storage amount. I couldn’t get anything from Assurant.

    But I message T-Force to let them know what happened and they asked to call me on the phone. They said they’d be willing to get me a micro ss card or give several hundred in credit. Honestly the 5G was already good enough but the fact they went out of there way to make me happy has really left an impact on me.

    Even though they’re this huge company I’ve usually felt like I was working with a smaller and local business with most of my interactions. Sometimes I wonder if I’m missing out on other mobile providers, like huge savings or something but they just make it so convenient and nice to stay with their service.

  24. Me not reading the screenshot and thinking I could randomly get a a new phone.
    Me after reading: 👁👄👁

  25. This is what T-Mobile excels at. I just hope this remains and they don’t become Verizon. 20 years ago Verizon had exceptional service- and now it’s turrible. Keep it up T-Mobile!

  26. Heh, I had something similar happen. I had an iPad mini 5 on JoD but it wouldn’t let us finance out the final few months because we wanted to keep the device. We relent and hit up T-Force.

    They couldn’t do it either. So what did they do instead? We’re just canceling the lease and zeroing out the remaining balance. Merry Christmas.

    Was a very nice gesture on their part.

  27. Woot Woot! It’s great that they made things right! I had a similar issue with AT&T Care and it was a dumpster fire. Wanted to process a refund and then get a different promotion… and not honor this one. Times like this, T-Mobile really shines with its *beyond awesome* customer care. I wouldn’t call it a free phone given to you by T-Force. I would say they honored their original promise / commitment. That’s the most important thing. You wanted X, qualified for X and got Y. Now with this correction, wanted X, qualified for X and got X! *party emoji*



  28. When I upgraded from an S10 to a Note 10+, the store screwed up my trade in and they dropped the EIP for the S10. I ended up stuck with a lease for the N10+, but they really came through to make sure I didn’t spend more money than I was agreed to.

  29. My friend had a very botched trade-in experience and we had to escalate to the executive response team. It took a lot of effort, but eventually t-mobile applied the trade in credits properly and made her happy.

    This is a truly outstanding resolution for you. Love seeing customer service step up.

  30. They did the same for me and my 12 pro!

    I was absolutely shocked to say the least, it made my whole week and i even got to keep my trade in!


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