Home Uncategorized Extremely-wide vs huge angle shot on iPhone 12 in Windfall, RI

Extremely-wide vs huge angle shot on iPhone 12 in Windfall, RI

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Extremely-wide vs huge angle shot on iPhone 12 in Windfall, RI

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  1. Hello from RI! I’ll have to correct the mistake everyone makes though that the Providence Airport is actually in Warwick, RI X3

  2. Ultra-wide for work is a god send – engineering for building systems so I have to visit a lot of utility rooms and usually need 2-3 pictures to capture the equipment on the walls to “as-build”. Now just 1 wide angle is sufficient.

  3. I absolutely love the super-wide, i will never get another iphone without! I can’t wait to see the improvements Apple makes in the future.

  4. Only bad thing is the light reflections so characteristic of iPhone cameras. I don’t mind much in photography as you can remove them in edits or something if necessary, but they persist in video and it’s pretty annoying. They can be seen in the normal wide photo here. Seems like ultrawide is unaffected.

  5. Everytime I take a picture, I’m in love. I had some of the first-gen smart phones where the cameras SUUUUUUUUUCKED. I mean pre-iPhone existance Smartphones. Slide keyboards and all.

    You couldn’t have convinced me, at the time, that the only thing better than your average smartphone camera would be SUPER expensive cameras and digital cameras would go away.

    And now, NOW, it has less to do with the hardware and more to do with the software!

    Ladies and gentlemen: WE ARE LIVING IN THE FUTURE. I cannot stress this enough.

    I went to Twin Peaks the other day. Flatscreens everywhere. Not projectors, not rear-projects tv’s, but flat panels. At every fucking booth. QR Code for menu. Internet almost as fast as I have at home just floating around in the air via towers that can reliably penetrate most buildings. The ability to stream to my car.

    And, BEAUTIFUL pictures like these.

    It honestly brings a small tear to my eye to see how far we’ve gone in technology.

    And every few years it goes significantly further.

  6. Dumb question but what are ‘wide angle’ and ‘ultra wide angle’? Is ultra wide the 0.5x and wide angle somewhere between 0.5x and 1x…? Or are you calling standard 1x ‘wide angle’?

  7. I love the wide angle. I always use it on my wife’s 11 but she hates it.
    I have the 2nd gen SE, so don’t have the wide angle. I do miss it but I normally have my trusty gopro in my pocket, so it’s no big loss.

  8. The ultra wide is nice but I wish it had the same quality as the wide. Often I find, especially in doors / low light the ultra wide is noticeably more noisy

  9. I lived in Providence and Barrington RI Many years. What is the location of this Photo?

    It looks like we are under the new section of 195 near South Water

    I I have a lot of great times at the Hot Club which was nearby, and Al Forno.

  10. Coming from an 11, the Ultra wide looks amazing on the 12, it can handle low light situations like this wayyyyy better than the 11

  11. But then when **I** post pictures on this sub 2 years ago, everyone in the comments starts bitching at me saying tHaT dOeSn’T bEloNg HeRe

  12. Where too in Prov is this?!… I use to live In RI and this doesn’t look familiar at all. Then again this overpass look pretty damn new.


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