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Digital camera shootout: Samsung Galaxy S21 Extremely vs iPhone 12 Professional Max

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Digital camera shootout: Samsung Galaxy S21 Extremely vs iPhone 12 Professional Max

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  1. I got my Exynos S21 Ultra last night. Got it purely as a non-daily-use phone as it’s way too big for me, but I love phones and buy far more than I should and wanted to see how this camera set up goes since all the reviews say it tops my iPhone 12 mini.

    Unless the snapdragon version takes *significantly* better photos, there’s no way it’s even close to an iPhone 12. I spent an hour last night taking comparisons pics with my S20, S21 Ultra, and 12 mini, and in most cases the S21 Ultra came dead last. Not even close. In fact the pictures weren’t just not as good, they were mostly terrible for a 2021 phone. I’m so incredibly disappointed in the cameras on this thing. It sucks because everything else about the phone is absolutely incredible.

    I’ll post some pics later when I’ve organised and labelled them. The Galaxy pics just lack any and all fine detail, often have almost a halo around edges (possibly chromatic aberration), and seem to blur every photo and look nothing like what’s in the viewfinder.

    The zoom cameras also give pathetic results compared to all the reviews I’ve seen where they zoom in on buildings hundreds of metres away.

    I haven’t done any bright outdoor sunlight photos yet, so hopefully will today if the rain and clouds go away.

    Edit: for those who are downvoting and no doubt think I’m a lying Apple shill or something, photos added in reply to this post, along with photo of the phone below:

  2. I have an s21u (snapdragon) and iPhone pro 12 and pixel 2xl.

    In perfect lighting conditions, the s21u takes it hands down. Anything indoor, subjects/pets/kids moving, the Pixel 2xl and iphone 12 trade blows with the s21u dead last. The s21u also does horrible face smoothing, which is still apparent even with the latest Feb update and face filter off.

    As a stop gap I’ve installed gcam on the s21u until the updates hopefully fix the aggressive smoothing.

  3. Some bright daylight comparisons between my Exynos Ultra and 12 Mini are much more flattering to the Ultra:

    S2 Ultra:

    12 mini:

    So it seems like in bright outside lighting the S21 Ultra, even the exynos version, is absolutely top tier. I’d say beats the iPhone in 2 of the 3 with the main lens and is almost the same on the other 1.

    Inside or in lower light without night mode is where it really seems to struggle:

    S21 Ultra:

    12 mini:

    The Ultra just lacks any detail in my good boys hair.

  4. Great breakdown, and to be expected.

    What’s with the guy in this comment chain trying to start his own camera comparison post? You can post a new thread for that, lol.

  5. These comparisons are getting rediculious. Overall both phones take amazing pictures. The only time you notice any minor differences is zooming way in to pixel peep. Other than that colors and saturation are different with Sammy going for a slightly more saturated colors and iphone slightly more natural colors but both look great in their own ways and it’s really just what you prefer. Personally I’ve always been a fan of more saturdated colors is it makes the picture pop and more interesting to look at especially when taking pictures on vacation etc. I’d say samsung has the better camera system overall though since they have the 10x zoom and the 108mp sensor that in broad daylight can really take some awesome shots. But both phones are still the best of the best. And of course google pixel is the best if we compare price to performance.


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