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Dieter Bohn on Twitter: Didn’t actually trouble posting any head-to-head with the Pixel 5 as a result of the S21 Extremely and iPhone 12 Professional Max are definitively higher in nearly all taking pictures situations. Google’s insistence on utilizing the identical outdated digital camera sensor each single yr has lastly caught as much as it.

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Dieter Bohn on Twitter: Didn’t actually trouble posting any head-to-head with the Pixel 5 as a result of the S21 Extremely and iPhone 12 Professional Max are definitively higher in nearly all taking pictures situations. Google’s insistence on utilizing the identical outdated digital camera sensor each single yr has lastly caught as much as it.

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  1. Doubtful. People keep talking about how amazing flagship Samsung cameras are. And yeah. Every once in awhile I get an amazing shot with my note 20 ultra. But a pixel consistently gets better every day photos. That’s what we should be comparing. Not perfect condition shots

  2. From the replies looks like MrMobile and MKBHD agree.

    Damn, how the mighty have fallen.

    That’s complacency at its finest.

  3. 5 years later and finally a Pixel phone is not top 1 but 3rd

    Now they have to do something with the Pixel 6 because there’s almost any advantage to buy a Pixel in 2021, the people who prefer a “clean” OS is the same that don’t have any problem going Apple

  4. Honestly, doea it even matter? I assume that most people don’t notice most of these differences. Like those blind tests have proved, none of these reviewers opinion matter.

  5. Why highlight the 12 Pro Max and the S21 Ultra? Is it not worth comparing the iPhone 12 to the S21? Apple also used a smaller (older sensor) on the phone which prices closest to the S21.

  6. I never understood why to google use old camera sensor, I understand their software is top-notch when it comes to pictures but imagine how much better it can be. Also, the camera sensor wouldn’t be alot of money.

  7. I have a 12 Pro Max and a Pixel 4a 5G and I find the Pixel’s pictures to be better, especially portrait mode. I can’t figure out why my iPhone photos aren’t as good (video obviously blows the Pixel away), but I don’t seem to be able to take as good pictures with the iPhone. Especially when there’s motion – it seems like every other picture my iPhone takes with motion results in blurry pictures.

  8. The margins are so small it’s not even important. In MKBHDs blind test the zenfone and mi10 were the finalists with the zenfone winning. No Pixel or iPhone came close.

  9. If I had to pick I would go with the iPhone. Never had one, I am using and used Android right after Symbian became obsolete. Videos are looking way better on iPhone and pictures have a certain tone to them which reminds me of a processed DSLR photo.

  10. Cool. I’m still going to buy pixel because I enjoy the updates and support.

    Maybe this will push Google to do a Pixel 6 XL with an array of sensors and a new main shooter. Either way, I’m excited for Android 12 preview next month.

  11. isnt it weird that google had a mega chance to be a third contender for phones like samsung but they bonk it every time? they simply don’t have the proper leadership. phones could’ve been their next moon shot but they won’t do it. they have the infrastructure, engineers and capital all set to go too. it’s probably too late now to steal market share because it’s absolutely saturated with contenders in all market segments. back when nexus 4 came out and cheap phones like xiaomi hadn’t exploded yet, they could’ve captured the market.

  12. I smell BS. Samsung phones always produce “vibrant”, oversaturated photos. If you like that, cool. Good for you. But don’t tell me Samsung phones are objectively better than the Pixel 5 at taking photos. Cause they’re not. It’s all subjective. The only area the S21 Ultra is OBJECTIVELY better in, is obviously the zoom, but everyone knows that. However, when it comes to taking normal, non-zoom pictures, then the Pixels take more true to life pics. Again, if you prefer the oversaturated look of pics taken by Samsung phones, it’s cool.

  13. I posted this in r/Googlepixel.

    Prologue: I like cameras phones and what they can do/how they advance. I’m not anti or pro Google or Samsung–i love aspects of both.

    This isn’t the first year where google fell behind in camera compared to other flagships, and I think making the comparison based on pricepoints of each phone that some people are doing is disingenuous relative to the way that google hasn’t seemed to advance the camera on pixels much at all since the pixel 2–going on year 4 at this point.

    I think it started at least last cycle year with the more expensive pixel 4 in relation to the S20 (not even the ultra, but the base s20)–much more similar and expensive price points at $799 and $999 for the cheapest options respectively, and google was already under-performing relative to the s20 in many areas that users care about including ultrawide (no uw on the 4), detail/noise (likely a manifestation of the older sensor on the pixels), and zoom–despite the pixel 4 having a 1.7x optical system–I really don’t understand why google used such a low mag telephoto on the pixel 4. Low-light details is another area of deficiency.

    None of this is saying that the pixel camera isn’t good or good enough for general use. I think the stills from my 4 xl are still really good in most ways anyone who takes pockets with their phone cares about.

    I don’t think it’s a simple case of “cheaper phone performs worse, big surprise” because with much more-similar pricepoints last year, they were already falling behind. I’m a phone enthusiast, I want a really phenomenal camera system from a google phone with equivalent features and capabilities to other high-end phones. I acknowledge that I’m probably in a minority of a minority, and especially after last year with some really ridiculously expensive phones as well as the global pandemic, affordable phones should make a comeback and the ocean 5 was speaking in that regard–it’s really good bang for buck.

    But seeing google not really competing with camera anymore when they were so ground-breaking with computational photography with the original pixel and pixel 2 is kind of a let-down. And seeing really interesting applications like super-res zoom show capability, it just makes me want more of what google could be doing but isn’t (or maybe isn’t yet).

    I got the S20 ultra last year, and overall it’s not a bad phone but for all of the fancy cameras they put in there, it honestly was not a $1400 cameraphone photo experience. The S21 ultra seems to improve upon that in virtually every camera on the phone and comes in at a lower price point. That’s really what I wanted to see google doing all along is improving every aspect of the camera with each phone operation as opposed to using generally the same hardware, or using some confusing choices of hardware (i.e., low mag telephotos, or relatively small angle wide cameras). I also really wanted google to improve on video quality and audio quality and add support for things like bluetooth microphones in the camera app.

    I’m not criticizing the pixel 5, 4a, or 4a 5g as general phones (although I think the lineup is confusing relative to previous years options), I just really want google to make a phone with high-end camera features. Hardware options to address wide, standard, and zoom capabilities to a similar extent as other flagship phones. Also pay better attention to video and audio recording quality.

  14. Here’s to hoping that Google sees and reads the reviews and comments, and has some amazing things coming to the Pixel 6. A New camera sensor is imperative and needs to happen. They’ve exhausted that lens they’ve been using and need to update everything. I also hope they give the Pixel 6 3 cameras. I was excited for the Pixel 5 but at the end of the day I had to cancel my order bc I didn’t feel for myself at least, that it was a significant update from my 4 XL… If anything it felt like a step backwards bc I was going to lose to many things I’ve enjoyed. I’ve had all the Pixels up until the 4 XL and I hope the 6 wows me so it can be my next phone this year!!

  15. And then Google will finally update the Hardware wii a custom SoC and they’ll be on top..then get complacent…then fall…then samsung turn..then apple… Not news. It’s competition.

  16. With this and the whole Google Photos storage thing, I might finally move back to Samsung. Pixel has been great to me though.

  17. Most review sites only discuss taking stills of environmental areas, buildings, and other non-moving objects. Usually Samsung’s weak area is living and moving targets that for some reason always has focus and blur issues. I have a Note 20 Ultra and a Pixel 4 XL right now. After my son was born, I have rarely used my Note 20 Ultra because just about every photo of him was blurry. With the Pixel, every shot was in focus and great looking.

    I think Samsung need to focus on real world photos with living subjects rather than trying to have the best hardware each year. It’s not always about hardware in real world usage.

  18. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; the Pixel 5 just isn’t an amazing phone. It feels like one of their ‘a’ models . First time I’ve passed on a yearly google release phone since buying my nexus 4. I’m seriously considering switching to samsung this year if google doesn’t step it up


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