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“Didn’t actually hassle posting any head-to-head with the Pixel 5 as a result of the S21 Extremely and iPhone 12 Professional Max are definitively higher in nearly all capturing circumstances. Google’s insistence on utilizing the identical outdated digital camera sensor each single yr has lastly caught as much as it.”

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>ALSO! Didn’t actually hassle posting any head-to-head with the Pixel 5 as a result of the S21 Extremely and iPhone 12 Professional Max are definitively higher in nearly all capturing circumstances.
>Google’s insistence on utilizing the identical outdated digital camera sensor each single yr has lastly caught as much as it.


**Samsung Galaxy S21 Extremely Assessment**

>A few of you is perhaps shocked that I haven’t talked about the Pixel 5 but. Properly, it has fallen behind. Each the S21 Extremely and the iPhone 12 Professional Max have switched to bodily bigger sensors and it has revealed the bounds of computational pictures.


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  1. I suppose Google’s insistence doesn’t really matter too much now though since those phones are like double the price.

  2. I’m not sure why he said that because the Pixel still has better colour science and night photos than most other phones. I’ve seen comparisons, and while the iPhone 12 does have better detail in most cases, the Pixel provides a more true to life image thanks to accurate colours. It’s something that even Macrumors has highlighted, and so I feel there’s still a place for Pixel 5 comparisons.

    There’s no doubt that Google needs to put in an improved sensor because they are falling behind in detail, but it’s not something to omit in reviews.

  3. I was given a new IPhone and gave it back and have owned a couple of Samsung phones. There is nothing that could persuade me to own either one ever again. I’ll stick with the Pixel.

  4. Ever since I got the Pixel 5 I stopped following all tech news. Like the phone is perfect, great screen, great battery life, great camera. There’s nothing more to ask for. I guess chasing the next best thing was bound to get boring after all.

  5. In general, that first quote is just lazy. Show, don’t tell! If the pixel 5 gets destroyed, show it in your review. Just going “lol it got destroyed!” on twitter is about as helpful as saying “the iPhone camera gets destroyed by any flagship android so I won’t bother posting any head-to-head”

    If you posted that you’d be laughed at. Don’t be lazy.

  6. This isn’t the first year where google fell behind in camera compared to other flagships, and I think making the comparison based on pricepoints of each phone that some people are doing is disingenuous relative to the way that google hasn’t seemed to advance the camera on pixels much at all since the pixel 2.

    I think it started at least last cycle year with the more expensive pixel 4 in relation to the S20 (not even the ultra, but the base s20)–much more similar and expensive price points at $799 and $999 for the cheapest options respectively, and google was already under-performing relative to the s20 in many areas that users care about including ultrawide (no uw on the 4), detail/noise (likely a manifestation of the older sensor on the pixels), and zoom–despite the pixel 4 having a 1.7x optical system–I really don’t understand why google used such a low mag telephoto on the pixel 4. Low-light details is another area of deficiency.

    None of this is saying that the pixel camera isn’t good or good enough for casual use.

    I don’t think it’s a simple case of “cheaper phone performs worse, big surprise” because with much more-similar pricepoints last year, they were already falling behind. I’m a phone enthusiast, I want a really phenomenal camera system from a google phone with equivalent features and capabilities to other high-end phones. I acknowledge that I’m probably in a minority of a minority, and especially after last year with some really ridiculously expensive phones as well as the global pandemic, affordable phones should make a comeback. But seeing google not really competing with camera anymore when they were so ground-breaking with computational photography with the original pixel and pixel 2 is kind of a let-down. And seeing really interesting applications like super-res zoom show capability, it just makes me want more of what google could be doing but isn’t (or maybe isn’t yet).

    I got the S20 ultra last year, and overall it’s not a bad phone but for all of the fancy cameras they put in there, it honestly was not a $1400 cameraphone photo experience. The S21 ultra seems to improve upon that and comes in at a lower price point–that’s really what I wanted to see google doing all along as opposed to using generally the same hardware, or using some confusing choices of hardware (i.e., low mag telephotos, or relatively small angle wide cameras). I also really wanted google to improve on video quality and audio quality and add support for things like bluetooth microphones in the camera app.

    I’m not criticizing the pixel 5, 4a, or 4a 5g, I just really want google to make a phone with high-end camera features.

  7. Coming from Dieter, who is IMO the best and most unbiased reviewer of phones there is (along with Mr Mobile), this is hard to argue. One of the first replies to Dieters tweet is Mr Mobile saying, and I quote, “Hard Agree”. MKBHD, a huge pixel camera fanboy, then chimes in and says he also agrees.

    The pixel 5 camera is by many accounts worse than that of my pixel 3. My iPhone 11 Pro and now 12 mini both take better photos than the pixel 3, so I can believe the 12 pro max with it’s bigger sensor being even further ahead.

    Google really need to up their camera game if they want to stay in the top even 5. Apple, Samsung, and huawei are pulling further ahead. Not long before xiaomi is ahead too.

  8. It’s this time that I wish those rumours about Google making their own custom chips and Pixel 6 might be a flagship bla bla bla come true.

    I really want a REAL flagship from Google, while they can keep offering their mid-range alternatives.

  9. Dang, touting poor hardware design choices in a flagship device while getting comfy with their position in the market. Pulling a Nintendo and Intel, all at once.

  10. I do agree the Pixel camera has lost its lead. But where selfies and portrait shots are concerned, I do still prefer Pixel’s to the iPhone 12 Pro Max’s.

    In fact, the iPhone takes real shitty portrait shots of ever-moving toddlers where lighting is a little less than ideal and the auto night mode kicks in.

    Selfies-wise, I also tend to prefer Pixel’s, although I think the older Pixels (eg Pixel 2 and 3) do better than the newer Pixels 4 and 5………

  11. In my experience I only see the sensor showing is age when taking videos in dim lit situations (at home at night with artificial lighting).

  12. I hope Pixel 6 catch up this year in upgrading my Pixel 4 XL in November, and if I don’t see a massive change in jumping to another brand. That Samsung looks fantastic, but probably by November, the rest have released something similar.

  13. I’m probably in the minority, but a better camera would not have influenced my buying decision one iota.

    No, the primary reason I did not get a Pixel 5 – even though it’s basically the sexiest industrial design I’ve ever seen in a phone – was the subpar chipset. If Google released a revision at +$100 with a flagship chipset Id order a Pixel 5 the next day.

  14. I just got my Pixel 5 thus week after my Pixel 3’s camera died, and the battery was in its last legs.

    In some ways it’s better, in some it’s a little worse.

    It might not have features of other “flagships”. But it’s the perfect size, and it’s half the price, and I’m very happy with it!

  15. But… They’re wrong though.

    Sure, the Pixel’s camera system isn’t as versatile as Samsung/Apple, but they still produce (imo) the cleanest, most natural looking images out of the lot.

    I’ve been playing around with the S21 Ultra on demo at my workplace, and while the zoom is admittedly impressive, Samsung *still* insists on sharpening the crap out of every image, and applying so much noise reduction any detail just ends up turning into a muddy mess.

    Until they stop doing that, I’ll stick with my ‘worse’ Pixel.

  16. well pixel 5 is half the price and that’s the first thing everybody should know before comparing them, for the price that phone is absolutely amazing

  17. Google need to improve the processing speed and new sensor obviously. Also I really thought the Pixel Visual Core or Neural core would be a future game changer when the Pixel 2 came. I just hate that i have to switch back and forth from a social apps to a camera apps. I switched to the 12 pro max and much more happier, iOS ain’t that bad nowadays tbh its almost identical to Android. I’ll be coming back if Google can resolve that. Nowadays you can just buy any Snapdragon flagships or midrange and put a Gcam mod on like whats the point.

  18. Pixels have ALWAYS been better at at least one thing, which is why I still use my 3XL over my S20 Ultra and my iphone 12 Pro…indoor lowlight pictures of my kids. Samsung over smoothes and can’t capture anything in motion without any kind of blur and distortion. Apple also fails here. My Pixel is the most consistent shooter when it comes to trying to take pictures of my kids while stuck indoors, and given the current state of matters, that’s the most important thing.

  19. Problem with Samsung is that the s21 this year is just too damn expensive, and I don’t think it is worth the money. Pixel 5 this year is way more worth it in my opinion

  20. Yes! I think Samsung Galaxy has better camera and camera software – S6, S8, S10 and A71 – versus Pixel for YEARS!. I had the original Pixel and currently have an off-mobile Pixel 2 and even the old cracked Samsungs beat them both, consistently good pictures!


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