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Cracked my iPhone 12 professional max:( Do you assume it is nonetheless waterproof? Crack feels fully easy with no ridges or texture.

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Cracked my iPhone 12 professional max:( Do you assume it is nonetheless waterproof? Crack feels fully easy with no ridges or texture.

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  1. You should never assume any device is waterproof. They’re only water resistant. Any crack in the design can effect it. I wouldn’t bring that near water.

  2. If I were you I would slap on a case and pretend that never happened and never bring it near water ever even if it’s water resistant

  3. It’s water resistant even with the cracked glass, since there’s a lot of adhesive and a seal around the glass

  4. i may be wrong but i think they changed the design so that the back glass is more easily replaceable, can anyone else confirm? also no i dont think i would trust the water resistance after that.

  5. The water resistance is definitely not something to trust anymore. A few rain drops won’t be an issue but don’t take it with you in the shower anymore 😅

  6. Brush a thin coating of Gorilla Glue over the crack to stop it from spreading. Cracks do eventually spread if left on their own. This is the voice of experience.

  7. Waters resistance is really only meant to protect against accidents, it’s not good enough to submerge the phone or put it in water often tbh.

    It can withstand it sometimes, but the seals aren’t always perfect. With that crack, I’d recommend putting a case on it, and you should be fine for accidents mostly.

    Also, because that crack has not clear impact point, you might be able to take it to an apple store and have them fix it for free. This of course might not work, but I’ve had them fix one of my iPhones for free with a similar issue (iPhone 4S, looong ago). It’s worth a shot, especially in the one year manufacturer warranty period.

  8. I’d be very surprised if that impacts it’s water resistance in any meaningful way.

    However if you’re likely to drop your phone again, I’d advise getting a case on there asap

  9. Lol I still use an iPhone 4s and still takes much better care of it than you do (Edit: yall are hating on me! At least I can take better care of my own tech you nutsacks)

  10. I had a Galaxy S7 edge that had the screen cracked (2 tiny hairline cracks like those) and it kept being waterproof. I wouldn’t trust it for a lot of depth, but it will keep dry enough for accidents.

  11. Windscreen crack repair may fill. I’ve used it on a few things and it’s invisible. YouTube videos on how to use it.

  12. Never was waterproof to start with, just water resistant. Also, if you have AppleCare+, you can start an express replacement for $99 plus tax if in the US.

  13. Anecdotal obvs but I dropped my iPhone Se (new style) in the toilet (yeah I know) and it’s been totally fine since

  14. Lol why would you want to assume? I assume my iPhone x was (with a small chip in the screen) and eventually face ID stopped working from steam in the shower…

  15. waterproof aka water resistant works up to a certain pressure – after a certain pressure the force of the water overpowers the resistance – with these cracks in the glass you’ve 100% compromised the pressure that the device can withstand – you’ll probably be fine if it slips in the pool and you snatch out immediately, but I wouldn’t walk around confidently thinking this is a ‘waterproof’ device anymore ;[

  16. Thanks for all the info guys! Some very helpful tips.
    !!! I still have one question though… are iPhones water proof or water resistant I still don’t get it???


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