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CB received an iphone 11 professional max as a substitute of an iPhone 12

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CB received an iphone 11 professional max as a substitute of an iPhone 12

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  1. I have the 6 still because I don’t remember my email password and can’t remember any security details to open it. Too lazy to make a new email so I’ll have this phone til I die.

  2. Posting this comment from my 8+. Love it, does exactly what I need to. Keeping it until it dies or work forces me to upgrade.

  3. Kids can be really dumb and entitled reminds me of a post I saw on insane parents or similar subreddit a few years back. A kid was throwing a fuss on reddit because his mother was getting $xx.xx in child support yet his allowance was a small fraction of the amount at least the comments roasted him pretty good and helped him grasp the concept that child support isn’t directly for the kid but more so to help the single parent out with child related expenses like food, clothes, housing, ect.

  4. These kids would have had to have been getting ridiculous presents their whole lives for this to happen. Don’t train them to expect luxury gifts every year.

  5. I’m sure this is a common reaction, but I would be taking that shit back immediately. That is still an expensive-ass phone.

  6. I actually had the opposite problem this Christmas. My phone was getting to be pretty old so I asked for one for Christmas, just said “I don’t care I just need better this ones wearing down, don’t go too crazy it’s not that important” but my mom found a screaming deal on a 12 pro max so here we are

  7. Lol I’ll give him this, Apple still hasn’t reduced the price of the 11 Pro Max as far as I’m aware (and can confirm that the price has not gone down for at least one of the major carriers). Meaning the 11 Pro Max and the 12 Pro Max are the same price, and most promotions will work towards the 12 series rather than 11 series.

    Still they get a new phone and hate on their family over it, obviously lame on their end lol

  8. Our teenager broke two iPhones in less than a year.

    We bought them a basic Android, we were promptly told that they wouldn’t use a “budget phone”.

    I cancelled the line.

    I may or may not be a bad parent. But the attitude in this post hits home and makes me beyond frustrated.


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