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Brazil’s shopper safety regulator fines Apple $2M for not together with charger in iPhone 12 field

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Brazil’s shopper safety regulator fines Apple $2M for not together with charger in iPhone 12 field

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  1. The title is misleading the majority of the lawsuit is a right to repair issue it looks like. Though the removal of a charging brick can be annoying it’s not a legal offence. It might be a controversial take but I agree with the decision to not include a brick I think it will (similar to included phone cases) disappear from most phones. It would be better if the price actually reflected that but long run it has the potential to slightly reduce shipping emissions and e-waste.

  2. “omg apple includes a charger with every phone, people have drawers of these things, dont they care about E-waste? FUCK APPLE”

    followed by

    “omg I bought an Iphone and it did not have a charger what the fuck, now they are nickel and diming us, FUCK APPLE!”

    can we make up our minds?

    ok for me.. “why the fuck cant apple get on board like everyone else and my vape, and just adopt usb c so we have less ewaste and I wouldnt get upset if my iphone didnt have a charger because i could just use the one for my alexa… FUCK APPLE”

  3. A: if they dont offer what you want, dont buy it.

    B: that $2 million is not going to you, nor does it make a difference to Apple. Its a grift to pad politicians pockets in a way that makes you cheer for some inexplicable reason.

  4. I never get how this works. So, Brazil goes “Yo Apple, throw couple mil here, ya know, for for not having chargers”. Apple goes “No, sue me.”. And then what happens? Also, even if they do pay, where does this money go? I’m sure it’s not buy chargers for people who bought IPhone 12s.

  5. Why not include the charger? This makes no sense whatsoever even with the profit. What about first time buyer or those switching from android?

  6. I work in finance for a large company but much much smaller than apple. When looking at my one small division, we only look at numbers in millions and typically if there’s not variances greater than $5M we won’t even look into it. This is such a joke.

  7. How about forcing them to provide everyone with a charger? $2 Million is pocket change for a company thats worth $2 fucking Trillion!

  8. Lol 2 million dollars. Someone smarter than me should do the math on how much that would be to a regular person assuming they make the median 65k a year. I imagine it’s something it’s a penny or less.

  9. About time someone punished apple for this scummy practice. They make big bank on the phones, they removed features and now charger and have not made the mobile cheaper…. Like wtf. Same with samsung etc. These phones are not any better than a laptop yet they cost way more, this doesnt make sense. The technology has not made leaps its just incremental changes year to year. They are just profitng and creatkngw waste. Unrepearable, obsolescence, expencive phones. People keep buying them without thinking… Cant wait till the profits actually slow down.

  10. JUDGE: “How would you like to pay this fine, Mr. Cook?”

    TIM COOK: (LAUGHING) “Straight cash, homie!”

  11. $2m?? Holy shit. I think that’s enough for them to forgo the red M&Ms out of their break rooms. We’re finally making progress people!


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