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Apple’s Upcoming iPhone 12 MagSafe Battery Pack: Every little thing We Know

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Apple’s Upcoming iPhone 12 MagSafe Battery Pack: Every little thing We Know

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  1. Honestly it isn’t something I really need, especially if there isn’t an external cover to protect the device.

  2. I’m one of the people who would only ever buy this as a detachable external battery; the battery cases are always way too bulky for me. I like the idea of using whatever MagSafe case I want and being able to attach a battery here and there when I need to

  3. I’ve been waiting for this. Snap it on when I need it, take it off when I don’t. It’ll be great for travel.

  4. Apple, how about instead of selling another accessory with a 2 year lifespan, put bigger batteries in your phones? We don’t need super thin phones.

  5. I know I’ll get laughed outta here, but you know what’d be nice: swappable batteries. Put it to sleep. Swap out the battery. Wake it up at 200%.. drop the dead battery in the charger. Have 2 charged up in your bag, you can Reddit all day.

  6. I like this if there’s a little port on the bottom and a hook-like cable so you can actually plug
    it to the phone and have the convenience of a magnetically attached extra battery with double the efficiency of wireless charging.

  7. I just want a portless MagSafe battery pack that I can recharge over Qi and that can charge my iPhone mini at least once.

  8. I kind of like the separate battery route, I tried the XR battery case for awhile and I swear the thing wore down the Lightning port since it was constantly plugged in.

  9. A truly magic device would have:
    – MagSafe charging for iPhone
    – charges itself with MagSafe
    – airtag chip
    – ability to place airpods and Apple Watch on it for charging as well

    All in a super slim form factor!

  10. This really needs an option to charge your iPhone with a port. A MagSafe iPhone battery pack solves the problem of having to carry around your phone in an extremely bulky case just for the chance that you may need to charge it and also the problem that once it is charged, you’re carrying around an empty battery inside your bulky case. There are times where it’s convenient to have a power source attached so that you can use your phone without something tethered to it. There’s also times where you just want the fastest charge possible to top it up before you put the battery away again. Adding a USB C port to allow USB C to lightning PD charging shouldn’t cost much extra or add much bulk and would make this case more desirable.

    It would also be better if they didn’t use their silicone coating because it’s honestly not durable at all and starts falling apart after a few months. Matte plastic would be a lot more durable and less of a fingerprint magnet.

  11. As someone who has drained a significantly larger portion of a 26,800MaH battery charging an Apple Watch than the Apple Watch has total capacity, I’m super dubious of wireless charging from a battery. You’d get soooooo much more efficiency using a battery with a wire instead of wireless.

  12. It just hit me that the big benefit to this over a battery case is it will carry over to your next phone.

    You can simply drop your phone in a bag on top of it and let it charge instead of having to plug it in like a battery bank too.


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