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Apple’s iPhone 12 Professional digital camera is shamefully dangerous (says Samsung)

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Apple’s iPhone 12 Professional digital camera is shamefully dangerous (says Samsung)

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  1. It seems to me that the number one rival would say anything to their enemy to get more people to use their products.

  2. Search the internet for iPhone 12 Pro lens flare.

    Yes, there are problems with the camera. This one shows up hugely when you try to take a picture of a birthday cake with lit candles or someone next to a Christmas tree. I’ve not seen that problem on any other phone I’ve owned.

  3. The only problem I have with my camera is that if I’m trying to get a really close photo of something, it is blurry no matter how much I focus on it. I have to move back a bit and zooming in from there works fine, but it’s just something that my X had no problems doing (which I did because my X’s zoom was ass in comparison to the 12 Pro Max).

  4. It’s not surprising that Samsung can’t recognize a bad camera since they still think theirs are worth a damn.

  5. Still I think video quality is better on iPhone.

    Whether it’s low light capability, Stabilization, or Color accuracy.

    iPhone is slightly better in all these aspects.

  6. I have one issue with iPhone 12 pro camera. No night mode in 2x portrait camera mode. It works in standard 2x picture mode, though.

    And maybe if I am to be picky: The automatic switching from 2x to 1x (digital zoom) when light is not as good. Makes taking perticular pictures that much problematic.

  7. I have been a huge Android nerd since Honeycomb, I really think the Google Pixel pushed smartphone cameras a little harder with the first couple generations of Pixels, but the iPhone video stabilization was way ahead of its time years ago.

  8. I miss being able to pause and resume WHILE RECORDING that I had years ago on my Samsung. Since the app capabilities are part of the camera, I see that as a strike against my iPhone 12 Pro Max.

  9. Went out to shoot the milky way, samsung was wayyyyyyyy better. Like not even close in deep dark night mode.

  10. I don’t disagree Samsung has some of the best hardware out there. Likely why Apple sources from them. But I’m on Apple for its software and cohesion. There just isn’t the equivalent on Android. Even if you found a compelling phone, it’s not a seamless experience on a tablet.

  11. I like Samsung phones as well (still have my Note 9), but the entire article is an ad for Samsung. They even included videos for the official Samsung US channel instead of making their own comparisons. I guess this counts as “journalism” now a days.


    In other news: Toyota’s cars smells like stinky poopoo (says Honda)

  12. I have to agree, it’s horrible even compared to my ooold OnePlus 3 using the Gcam. It’s pretty good using RAW capture though, that changes the game completely

  13. “The person in first will only focus on the road in front. The rest of the runners can only focus on the ass of the person in front of them.”

  14. Right now, iPhone is worse at Moon and macros but in all other aspects it’s still a better camera. In terms of video, there is no comparison, iPhone is unmatched.

  15. Here is my take on this: the actual camera hardware that Samsung has is certainly superior to iPhones, there is no denying that. The thing though is… Apple have superior software and the videos actually come out better. If Samsung actually have good software, I wouldn’t be downloading gcam. It’s kinda nice to use the pro mode though, its a beast in that department. If I can get the camera hardware from Samsung and couple it with Apple software… It’s gonna be awesome.

    And while I love my S21 Ultra, I honestly can’t wait to switch to iOS the moment they get that 120hz display. Even with how optimized and smooth iOS is, I find it to be incredibly ugly in a way that the screen is so sluggish. It’s like playing a game a on a beastly rig but having a 60hz monitor. I am loving my new iPad Pro, after all.

  16. Samsung has good cameras. But I prefer the consistency that the iPhone gives IMO and in most of the situations I use the phone the iPhone does better ie videos and low light

  17. Top camera used to be between Pixel, iPhone, and Galaxy, but I always thought Samsung softened their pics a little too much. I prefer the pics from the other two. But overall, for other reasons, I’d rather have an iPhone than a Pixel.

    I recently had a Samsung guy show off his 100x camera. We both took a shot of the same far away windmill. Of course you could see more on his, but his was blurry as hell. Like, what’s the point of 100x if the thing isn’t stabilized? Oh, and my shot looked good for what it was. A decent landscape.

  18. every time samsung criticised apple for his decisions, somehow the next samsung was fit it too.
    i think we’ll see bad cameras on next samsung

  19. I saw a lot of TikTok where they try the iPhone vs a Huawei, and the Huawei can take a clear shot of the moon surface, the iPhone only can take a blurry one.


    Is that true?

  20. I will admit Apple has some catching up to do with zoom. Photos taken on my pixel 4 at max zoom compared to on my 11 pro are so much better. Guess it’s because of Google’s software

  21. As I’ve been using it, it is nothing spectacular. Too much noise, lousy detail in some night shots and hdr overdoes it most of the time. I’ve seen better results in my previous cheap android. Iphone is faster to use and mostly consistent but it’s Def. not the best.

  22. My Pixel 2 XL from 2017 still took better pics than my iPhone 11, but video is way better on the iPhone. But the 11 is close enough that I don’t care. I don’t think the 12 was much of an upgrade, Apple needs to step it up.

  23. I have the s21 ultra and the 12 pro max and the main reason I’m using the ultra is due to superior refresh rate, amazing zoom and spilt screen multitasking. Maybe when apple adds a periscope lens and has real multitasking then I may just stick with just my iPhone but these are the areas where samsung are clearly better camera wise.

  24. It is a absolutely terrible. I actually just came to this sub to ask if there was anyway to make it so that every picture isn’t so grainy it looks like someone made it with rice grains


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