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Apple reportedly cuts orders for iPhones by 20% as a result of low demand for iPhone 12 mini

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Apple reportedly cuts orders for iPhones by 20% as a result of low demand for iPhone 12 mini

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  1. I was jazzed for the release of the mini. Really thought I’d buy one.

    Then I handled one in the store, and changed my mind. As much as I thought I wanted a smaller phone, I just didn’t like the mini. Typing was laborious, and the screen just felt cramped.

    The x/Xs/11 pro form factor is my sweet spot.

    I do love my iPad mini though.

  2. I feel like the only person who likes the mini. Which is crazy because when given a chance, it’s a wonderful little phone. Battery life isn’t a huge problem. The 20w charging is fantastic for those days when you need a quick boost. 15 minutes is usually enough to bump it from 10-15% to almost 45-55% which is totally fine to do.

  3. I returned my Mini for the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

    I loved that sucker, I just really missed the telephoto lens on the pro models.

  4. I bought the SE 2020 after using the original SE for a good couple years. Had the mini released sooner Id have gotten that instead. But my SE 2020 is working great. No complaints

  5. The one thing I keep thinking of is…is the iPhone 12 Mini not selling because it’s not a good phone, or is it because these salespeople at the carrier stores pushed potential Mini customers away from them and into the Pro models.

    I can see it. Someone is interested in an iPhone 12 Mini and is totally ready to buy it, then some salesman goes “Are you *sure* you want this? For another $10 a month you can get an iPhone 12 Pro”. And since they sell on the monthly payments “Oh it’s only a few dollars a month” as opposed to the overall full cost your average customer falls for their scheme, and are coerced into buying something they didn’t ask for in the first place for more money than they originally planned to spend.

  6. Nooooo! I love my mini. I went to the 12 mini from a 12 pro because of form factor. I really hope they don’t stop making some kind of smaller form factor phone.

  7. I have a 12 mini. Love it but with all these reports of low sales makes me wonder if they are going to discontinue the phone. I have AppleCare+ since I plan on the keeping the phone for a long time but will their come a point that they just stop making these phones? And then what happens with my applecare+ and I want to replace my phone?

  8. Aw man that stinks. I hope that doesn’t mean an end to the small form factor already. I just got mine last week and I LOVE IT. Feels like an old 5. Keeping this for as long as I can for sure.

  9. Apple hurt themselves with the SE 2. If it hadn’t released people who wanted a smaller iPhone would have bought the 12 mini.

  10. I was planning to buy the 12 mini, then I realised it doesn’t have a telephoto lens and I lost interest.

    Honestly, the compulsion to offer only basic features because it’s a smaller handset is like some self fulfilling prophecy.

    “It won’t sell many units. But we’ll make it. But we’ll only make it without the premium features. Oh darn, it didn’t sell.”

  11. NNNNoooOOOoooOOOOoooooo.

    I am very invested in the success of small phones everywhere. Please. My hands can’t take much more of this.

  12. If there was a mini pro, I’d be all over it. I bought my boys the mini and they love them. I like it a lot but I like the feel of my 12 pro and I like the gold. Two things not available with the mini.

  13. Many people that would have bought mini already just got SE2020. I think they should keep the mini going and see where it goes.

  14. It’s just funny how so many people were like, “If the iPhone SE and the iPhone X had a baby, I’d buy it.” And now look… lol

  15. It wasn’t helped by the fact that they released the SE 2020 like 6 months earlier – which absorbed a lot of people still on devices like the 6S or original SE because they didn’t want a bigger phone.

  16. Meh. Don’t fall for the hype. Apple regularly adjusts part orders to match current demand levels. This isn’t the end of the world so many people seem to want to make it out to be. It’s business as usual for Apple.

  17. I would have bought the mini if it had as nice of a camera as the pro and as good battery life. It feels amazing in your hands. I settled on the 12 pro in pacific blue.

  18. I think the problem with the 12 mini is it’s for people that don’t live on their phones, a a shit ton of people live on their phones.

    For instance I have a 2018 iPad Pro 12.9, M1 MacBook Air, Apple Watch, and a gaming PC. I simply use my 12 mini as a phone, watching videos on my iPad or MacBook is way better, I get most notifications on my watch, and I play real games on my PC. I use my phone to text, make calls, and random things like Reddit or prefer food.

    If all I owned was a phone then sure I’d want a bigger phone, but I enjoy a small phone not bulging out of my pocket.

  19. Everyone always whines there’s no good small iPhone. Apple provides them with the solution. Nobody buys it

  20. I still use the OG SE. It’s definitely showing it’s age and I prefer to move to 12 Mini. Waiting for a good price drop.

  21. I got one, but as my work phone. My personal is an X and I wanted something small so they can both fit in my pocket comfortably. No regrets!

  22. All they had to do was cut the price by half. The demand would have skyrocketed. I know people who were ready to give up iPhone SE 2 for the 12 mini until they saw the price.

  23. Had the SE and mini launched at the same time the story would be different. Most people who wanted a small phone already got the SE thinking the 12 series would be big as usual

  24. But what about a much much affordable iphone and not sucking out of the market the old models. How about refurbishing those old phones and selling them for less? Your customers would have appreciated the gesture. Tone deaf apple expected people to buy a super expensive phone after the worst reduction in income in decades for everyday people thanks to the lockdowns/ pandemic.

  25. No surprise here!! That gigantic notch kills it for the Mini!! I would happily buy the Mini as my main device if the bloody notch was smaller… literally takes 80% of top side of the screen… thats just stupid on a device this small… might as well get the SE 2020 in this case.

  26. I love the mini, but im pissed at all models as the paint chips WAY too easily around the top. Its like it was designed that you must put a case on it.

    And if that is the case, APPLE please bring back the bumper

  27. Mini is a design which had far too many compromises for a small phone and $100 less than the full size phone. Bad battery life and with 5G around the corner it seems like a lot to give up.

    SE 2 is a great deal, and I stick to my words no matter what anyone says.


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