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Apple Now Capable of Restore an iPhone 12 Professional’s Cracked Rear Glass With out Changing the Complete Machine

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Apple Now Capable of Restore an iPhone 12 Professional’s Cracked Rear Glass With out Changing the Complete Machine

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  1. Serious question: Do Apple (or any company for that matter) take repairabily into consideration when designing a phone? Or is a ‘design it to look nice and we’ll work out how to fix it later’ kind of deal?

  2. Great news because I literally dropped my release date 12 Pro and cracked the back glass last week (almost my first time ever breaking an iPhone glass). Haven’t gotten I’d fixed yet. Anyone know if they can replace the stainless steel edges as well?

  3. Just to be clear it’s the enclosure, logic board, speaker, battery, etc. that gets replaced. So no, taking out the camera and display and moving it to an essentially new phone doesn’t retain data and the serial number itself is changed. For the same price as replacing the phone in it’s entirety. Clocking in around 30-45 minutes for the repair as opposed to a 10 min swap.

  4. Will this reduce the cost of repair? I’ll start going caseless if repair is like $200.

    Edit: corrected typo (cashless -> caseless).

  5. I have a calendar date set to smash my iPhone 11’s back under Care+ and resell it as new. Seems like Apple is finally tired of people doing this.

  6. So it’s not actually any cheaper. If you crack the back you might as well destroy the phone so you’ll be guaranteeing a new one.

  7. It’s an absolute scandal that we allow any company to design products this way in 2021.

    So much work and research has gone into recycling these past few decades, we’ve got laws that eliminate single use shopping bags, we recycle our daily rubbish under threat of fines for putting the wrong thing in the wrong bin, you can even get Nike air force 1s made of recycled materials.

    But we allow tech companies across the spectrum to design things in this way

  8. This is insane, I never used a case or screen protector on my phone until I got the XS Max, the price for a screen replacement has become absurd. over 3x the price of my iphone 7 plus

  9. My boyfriend’s 12 Pro (not max) broke with the transparent magsafe case from a hip height drop. Be careful, y’all! He has no Applecare unfortunately (stupid, because I told him.)

  10. Cracked my Apple Watch series 4 screen. It’s cheaper to just buy a new one than to get a refurb from Apple since they can’t repair them. Just a bunch of single use E-waste. I wonder how many years we can keep this up before it really catches up with us.

  11. I heard that the price for rear glass replacement is $599 for iPhone 12 Pro Max. AFAIK that is the same price of whole unit replacement. So if I break the rear glass, I’ll try to damage the rear camera or the screen too, so I can get a whole new device with $599.


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