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Apple Launching iPhone 12 in New Purple Coloration on April 30

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Apple Launching iPhone 12 in New Purple Coloration on April 30

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  1. It is funny how Tim introduce this new color as if it is some sort of innovation. LOL you guys did that on iPhone 11.

  2. ” with expansive edge-to-edge Super Retina XDR displays with OLED for a brighter, more immersive viewing experience + a chance of green tint + raised blacks” PLEASE FIX IT AND TAKE THE COMPLAINTS SERIOUSLY”

  3. Just remember what the red one was like, or all the iPad Airs. Highly doubt it looks exactly like this in person. Apple has been pretty bad at accurately portraying product colors recently, probably intentionally so

  4. purple is cool, then the apple leather case is also very nice in the hand, no way I would use a phone without a good case, in the end, it is just a thin purple edge around the front for most of the time.

  5. I just got my 12 mini today (delivered before the keynote started) and then they have to go and release my favorite color. I don’t want to deal with the hassle of returning/exchanging so I’m just going to pretend my green 12 mini is purple 😂

  6. I wish we had colors with the Pro models. I have the 12 Pro Max and I love it, I like bigger phones and the high end model but this color is just beautiful… I had the blue XR and I absolutely loved it, best blue imo.

    Now I want a Pro model with this color but that’s never gonna happen 😭

  7. Remember the regular 12 is darker colors and pro and Max are lighter colors. I liked the regular Blue for 12 but the Max blue looks ugly to me so my wife got that and I got graphite which is a crappy gray not black . Anyway depending on your sizes iPhone the colors may be darker / lighter

  8. I realized a long time ago that my iPhone will be in a case 100% of the time so I always get the black color as it will match most cases. I have no idea what my iPhone 11 looks like anymore. I would like to live in a world where I can buy unique colors and carry the phone naked knowing it will be almost indestructible.


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