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Apple iPhone 12 Professional overview: 2 months in, nonetheless the flagship to beat- Know-how Information, Firstpost

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Apple iPhone 12 Professional overview: 2 months in, nonetheless the flagship to beat- Know-how Information, Firstpost

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  1. My favourite iPhones were the X and 5S. Now the 12 Pro Max combines both designs so I absolutely love it. Apple couldn’t have made a more perfect design

  2. Honestly love my 12 Pro Max. I’ve been seeing some people say they haven’t seen a significant difference but that is definitely not the case for me. Coming from the XS line, the modem improvements alone were worth the upgrade and the battery is in a league of its own.

  3. No 120hz is still a pretty big dealbreaker to me for the price. It’s also very sad for a current flagship not to have that in this day and age.

    Now obviously I dont need 120hz, but if I’m spending $1000 US on a phone, I expect it to have a high refresh rate.

  4. I loved my 8 Plus and used it for longer than any of my previous phones. Then my 11 was fine but I was never really happy with the screen. Now I’m content with the 12 Pro. Good size and decent battery and screen for me. I’m not itching to upgrade for at least 3 years.

  5. I love my 12 mini. Best phone I have owned. Will never go back to a bigger size, so I hope Apple keeps making these.

  6. I hope they fix the issue with not being able to wirelessly charge your phone. My Xr had no issues, but my 12 pro charges only for a second and then it stops. That’s my only issue with it. It’s an awesome phone!

  7. Especially with Apple ProRAW and DolbyVision video. This is by far the most powerful mobile camera I’ve ever seen or used—and nothing else is even close.

  8. It would be the phone to beat if it would stop dropping calls. I’m in Verizon, my XS Max never had this problem in the same location.

  9. My 12 pro max is awesome. Battery life is equal to if not better than my 8 + (all day) . No issues with oled screen. I only wish that Apple included the Touch ID that they implemented in 2020 iPad Air . I like Face ID but with covid I would like to have the option to use Touch ID instead so I don’t have to input my password. This could of been a nice “pro” feature since they could do 120 hz screen or anything else too fancy . Lidar works well with portrait photos but I still feel like 12 is missing that something special. I work from home and only encountered 5G a few times and it’s okay (AT&T) . Few times I got 5G I tested it and it was about 50 mbps vs the 500 that I have at home . I got 256 gig storage and I feel like I can probably keep this phone for like 4-5 years without too much FOMO

  10. I love my 12 Pro. And Im glad I didnt take the Max, regular size is sooo perfect for me. Also my screen is black, no issues here…

  11. I have the 12 pro max. I absolutely love it. Just wondering when it will brick. I had my XS for a year. Always updated the iOS. Never dropped it. Never jail broken and it just stopped working one day. Stuck in recovery mode and couldn’t get it out. Very cool, apple.

  12. honestly i don’t think so, it’s kinda mid lowkey, if it didn’t have the ecosystem, reliability, and brand it wouldn’t be. purely spec wise it’s kinda ehh, but of course the ecosystem, reliability, and brand are all considered features of an apple phone (for good reason too) so whatever

  13. I like my iPhone 12 but what about the fact that you can’t choose to have your music turned up without the phone turning it down and no option to disable that “feature”? I hate it.

  14. Got my 12 Pro on launch day. Great phone, I only wish it had 120Hz. Might upgrade again next year because of that.


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