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Apple faces lawsuit for not together with chargers with iPhone 12

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Apple faces lawsuit for not together with chargers with iPhone 12

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  1. Well… I hate Apple just as much as anyone, but… eWaste is a problem. It’s probably not possible to quantify the shavings of some not included wallworts, but it’s something… now let’s check the price! $20 for a wallwort? *Mææææn*, fuck Apple. And fuck the iPhone 12. All my homies use PinePhone.

  2. I think what bothered me most when I got the iPhone 12 was that my carrier made the kid who sold it to me try to convince me that even though I could continue using the same iPhone chargers I already had; the slower rate of charging would cause the battery in my new phone to wear out much faster for some reason (even though it’s literally the same battery, only bigger) and that’s why people are encouraged to buy the new chargers.

  3. I don’t get the hate. Wallwarts don’t wear out. I have used the same wallwart for 6 years now and I don’t need or what any more. I have amassed a horde of lightening cables as well. At least 10 that live in a drawer and almost double that in micro usb cables. It’s just garbage at this point.

  4. Are they going to sue Samsung, too? My friend just bought a new Samsung S21 phone the other week and it didn’t come with a wall brick, either.

  5. My mom just purchased another iPhone to replace her secondary iPhone and it came with the USB c charger. I knew it was coming without the block but I assumed that we would be able to just use any other USB block with it. This way they force you to buy the USB C block for 25 bucks. In my case we have one USB c block from another iPhone I bought last year and it will work with my MacBook but it seems ridiculous to switch over to a non common charging cable without including the block. So many people wouldn’t even have a block for it and forced to buy an additional piece

  6. Rocking my iPhone 6S+. People claim Apple is shit but how many droid users have a 6 year old phone that works just as good as it did day one?

    (Battery was replaced by Apple for free)

  7. Apple: announces months in advance that the phone won’t bring a charger.

    Consumer: *buys phone that they didn’t actually need, immediately complains that the company didn’t include something that they explicitly said wouldn’t be in there.* wtf no charger I’m suing apple!!!!!

    Apple:… ok, calls team of lawyers

  8. Fuck apple, I didn’t like that. Give people this new weird not as common charger, then leave them with nothing to plug it into. It’s just a dick move.

  9. good. it was one frustration to buy the apple watch 6 without a usb hub but to get the iphone 12 without a charger was mind boggling. i got over it because i had my old charger but new apple users would of had to buy an expensive converter or just a regular charger to get started

  10. I bought an iPhone 11 a year ago December. Three months later when the pandemic hit the phone went into reboot. It stayed in reboot till July & now works when it wants to. Apple said they would replace the phone but needed my Apple password which I forgot. Apple said it would send a link to do that but it would take a while because of security purposes. No password resetting email has ever come. I have called Apple customer service numerous times to find out why they haven’t sent email to reset my password. They keep saying that it takes a while for security reasons. $1000 piece of crap phone with no help from Apple! I’m going to try calling corporate! Don’t buy Apple! Phones crap and customer service is terrible!

  11. I have like 7 chargers from older phones that are in perfect condition. I think it would be wasteful if it came in every phone release.

  12. Welp don’t like this stuff, but it’s their product, and your issue if you buy them. Which is why iPhones are decently overpriced, bc you either buy it or don’t

  13. You know what would actually be good for the environment and not a shallow cost cutting measure disguised as eco friendly ? Stop Making the product obsolete every single fucking year.

  14. It’s kind of crazy people will keep buying iPhones knowing what apple does. A phone will only last you about 2-3 years before the battery completely dies or the phone just breaks down. I hope another competitor takes them down eventually

  15. Apple doesn’t sell chargers with their chargers. I bought the Magsafe charger and when I got home and opened it up I realized it didn’t come with the box to plug it into the wall. Back to the store and an additional 20 bucks on top of the 40 for the charger

  16. As a iPhone user I am disgusted with their practices. They ran out of innovation and find new ways to take our money


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