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Apple faces lawsuit for not together with chargers with iPhone 12

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Apple faces lawsuit for not together with chargers with iPhone 12

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  1. This 2 million dollar lawsuit is nothing to Apple. Like literally nothing, and nothing will change because of it. They need multi billion dollar lawsuits to take notice and until then nothing will change.

  2. $2 million from Brazil? Hahahahah apple definitely saved more money than $2 million on this decision. They’re going to do it again

  3. I’m not gonna comment on my personal opinion of whether or not Apple is being cheap, but it’s weird that there’s any grounds for a suit here. It’s not like they lie about a charger being excluded. Am I missing something? Can you not legally sell a new phone without a charger in Brazil?

  4. It’s time for evil corps such as this one to stop acting like they’re bigger than the law.
    I’ve never bought an apple product before and don’t intend to because of all this bullshit they do plus the overcharging factor.

  5. They should have made the Chargers free with purchase for people who need one, lots of people don’t want or need another one, but people should have been given an option.

  6. The argument that “people already have USB-C” chargers is completely false. People have tons of USB chargers lying around but none that fit a USB-C. Also we expected the lighting port to be replaced by USB-C not the other end. Complete sham. Earphones on that other hand – I agree people have tons of those and no need to ship new. The whole thing leaves a bad taste in mouth and for a company like apple to these things is beneath them.

    But anything for corporate profits.

  7. I just got an iPhone 11. Found out the brick from the Oculus Quest 2 works just fine charging my iPhone the cord provided in the iPhone box. Go figure.

  8. It’ really a joke somehow. One day they complain about saving resources, the other day they are bashing Apple for doing so. Not trying to defend, but who really needs a charger with each new phone?

  9. I was more annoyed by the bitch in the Apple ad from the presentation in trying to convince us that Apple is leaving out the charger due to them trying to be greener. They think we’re idiots. I couldn’t care less about the charger being left out. Amazon has better/cheaper options anyway. It was just that this condescending bitch thought we are morons. I’d rather have had them tell us, we are cutting on costs to make more money than try and bullshit us

  10. What? Apple is a private company and do whatever the fuck they want to do with their iPhones. How can you sue them for this

  11. I don’t get the grounds for the lawsuit. I think they make it really clear on their website that the phones won’t come with one, just the cord. I don’t see a problem.

  12. 🙄 my car didn’t come with fuel, my hamburger doesn’t come with sauce, my house doesn’t come with electricity, water, furniture, no butler lol… man what does a person have to do to have a decent life… how can we live without everything handed to us in a box


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