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Anker beats Apple to market, new iPhone 12 MagSafe-compatible battery pack now out there

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Anker beats Apple to market, new iPhone 12 MagSafe-compatible battery pack now out there

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  1. I like the idea of a battery pack that you can just slap on, but I don’t know how much I would actually like it in practice. It’s fairly bulky, so I imagine it makes holding/using the phone somewhat unwieldy. Plus charging at 7.5w would mean you’d have to leave it on there for a couple hours to get a good amount of charge.

  2. Remember, this is a MagSafe COMPATIBLE accessory, not a MFI CERTIFIED accessory. That means that there is no guarantee that it will work perfect with Apple products. While I have no doubt that Anker makes good products, take this one with a grain of salt.

  3. Lots of comments on energy loss via wireless charging. While that is the main feature, it also allows you to charge via the usb c port.

    This makes it a great option if you find yourself needing power but don’t have a cable on hand.

  4. From the Amazon page:

    > 5,000 mAh cell capacity provides 1.2 iPhone 12 mini charges, 0.95 iPhone 12 charges, 0.97 iPhone 12 Pro charges, or 0.75 iPhone 12 Pro Max charges

    I wonder why the 12 Pro gets a bit more. I thought both 6.1” ones had the same battery

  5. Love the concept, and maybe someday I will get one. It just seems like a product that I would have used more in a past life — the one where I left the house and traveled regularly.

  6. Would be amazing if you could recharge the pack wirelessly too and of course if it charged the phone at 15W. Interested to find out the output of the USB-C port and if you can charge/recharge from it while it’s charging the phone. Let’s see what Apple has in store.

  7. A lot of people shitting on the design/usability. There are certain situations where this could be pretty cool, events where you don’t want a cable out of your pocket/bag, airports/airplanes, close situations where you easily get tangled it could be cool.

    Also the charging speed might be slow but the main thing is the battery doesn’t go down.

    Another thing to take from this is that Apple should have released a better product that looks better etc, but they failed to, they had months before release to design one and have had months after release to do the same and haven’t

  8. I just knew it ! I knew they were gonna do this haha YESSS! +1 for Anker !

    EDIT: I think creating a really thin magsafe charger that you could put in your wallet that gives you 10-20% better for when your phone is dead (emergencies) is a better idea imo

  9. I think this is super bulky/ugly, are there any viable battery cases that aren’t super thick like this for the 12/Pro?

  10. I can’t vouch for this product but I have to say the build quality of every Anker product I’ve bought has been surprisingly good for the price point. I replaced all my wall chargers with them 4 years ago and they’re still going strong.

  11. I got really excited for a second, and then sadly remembered I probably won’t be leaving the house for another year, so won’t be able to use it for a while.

  12. What a waste of energy. A couple of nice, well designed metallic details would have been much more efficient. Multiply this loss of efficiency by all the phones that Apple will sell and you get an idea of the magnitude of the waste and unnecessary CO2 released as a result.

  13. Anker needs to design a low key logo to replace stamping “ANKER” over all their products…lots of minimalists out there that probably want this but won’t buy it.

  14. This thing is so thick I can’t imagine using my phone with that strapped on the back. I’d take a thinner battery for emergencies over this brick. If you can’t comfortably use the phone while it’s attached, I don’t see the point of a MagSafe battery pack.

  15. That looks so ugly. But I guess when you need to charge your phone it doesn’t matter how it looks lol

    But that’s heavy to be holding with your iPhone. I rather just charge using my Charmast. It’s pretty slim and has a battery size of 26,800mAh


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