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An iPhone 12 with USB-C would actually assist with the setting, not a lacking charger

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An iPhone 12 with USB-C would actually assist with the setting, not a lacking charger

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  1. USB C makes ethical sense. Peddling separate chargers makes business sense. Tim was/is a numbers guy and it’s always about the “bottom line”, sadly.

  2. Magsafe charging’s pretty cool but USB-C on iPhone 12 would’ve really sold me on upgrading. I’ll keep my iPhone 8+ alive til then

  3. I’m pretty damn sure they will go straight into totally portless device next time. It’s too late for a redesign on the ports. Magsafe and “all things wireless” are gonna be the future of iPhones for years ahead.

  4. Do majority of users even transfer huge amounts of data for Apple to go the usb c way? I can’t remember the last time I plugged in my phone to transfer anything to my MacBook.

  5. This current “environmentalism” show from Apple has cost them nothing, made them money even. But yeah, random people should pay up to help the environment while a trillion dollar company uses it as an excuse to make more money.

  6. I have a single usb-c cable sticking out of my couch to recharge my macbook, ipad, gopro, switch controller and future ps5 controller. It sucks that I can’t use it for my iphone. 😔

  7. USB-C and a 120/144hz refresh rate iPhone would’ve really sold me on getting the 12. Without those things this is just another marginal upgrade for the people who are still clinging on to their iPhone 7’s. Like apple, you already have high refresh rate displays on your iPad line, WHAT ARE YOU DOING. Put it on iPhone already.

  8. I’m sorry but while I agree with the point made the article itself is pretty much crap.

    They state that Apple makes 10 billion from accessories and then go on to claim that sticking with lightning is protecting most of that cut? Seriously? The AirPods and the Apple Watch are counted on that same group: something that they note on the article and then choose to thoroughly ignore. Fantastic writing.

  9. > And let’s not forget that Apple will still need to ship tiny Type-C power adapters across the world to accommodate the new cable included with the iPhone 12.

    Apple would have to ship exactly the same number of adapters if they switched to USB C. Perhaps Apple should switch, but this point is irrelevant.

  10. The move would’ve been ok if Apple priced their phones 20-40 dollars cheaper because it didn’t have a charger.

    “Hey we didn’t include a charger so we just deducted its cost”. It would’ve been much more acceptable.

    Anyone who thinks this is about the environment is an idiot.

  11. Apple Needs to Simplify Charger!

    MagSafe and the accessories seem pretty cool, but Id rather just have USB C on all devices so I only need one cable and then I guess the Apple Watch charger. I’d need a MagSafe for my iPhone, USB C for my iPad, the Apple watch charger, a laptop charger and a lightning cable for my AirPods… You could get a wireless charger but that doesn’t cover all of the devices either it’s so complicated but could be so simple.

  12. I’m all in favour of doing these kinds of things if they genuinely can help the environment, but I have a bit of mixed feelings about this one.

    First, if Apple genuinely only did it for the environment, they could have provided an offer where anyone that buys a new phone can have a charger for (close to) free if they want to. A buyer would have to specifically ask for it though.

    Second, I believe this may result in a lot of people ordering cheap chargers from sites like Aliexpress where the environment isn’t taken into account so much. These chargers may be need replacing sooner and require a lot more (oversees) transportation = more pollution.

  13. >At the moment, Apple reports sales of cables and chargers along with other accessories like Airpods and the Apple Watch. This segment of Apple’s business accounts for $10 billion in quarterly revenue. It’s outperforming the Mac line by almost $3 billion.

    Bruh.. talking about the financial incentive of lightning without removing the revenue from Apple Watch and Airpods from that $10B number is just misleading as fuck. Airpods are a bigger seller than iPod ever was…

  14. Nobody here is willing to game out the scenario where introducing USB-C sends the entire internet and mainstream media into a frenzy accusing Apple of forcing us to re-buy all these accessories because Lighting is no longer supported.

  15. I was astounded that the new iPad has USB-c. If they’re willing to finally give in to the standard there, I don’t understand why they won’t for the iPhone other than possibly having a warehouse full of the Lightning components they need to clear out.

  16. If it really was about the environment apple would make every iPhone 12 barcode a type of coupon that people can use to go the apple store and redeem it for a charger box and earbuds, they don’t even need to be in a package, just give them to people without any wrapping or stuff; Of course apple isn’t going to do that because it’s not at all about the environment.


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